Jun 11

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Omega 1 to Appear at San Diego Comic Con!

At the world’s largest comic con, San Diego, Omega 1 will appear across from DC Comics! Creators Alina Andrei and Mark Edward Lewis, along with glamor model Teresa Noreen (who, if you’re lucky, and see them on the right day, will be in body paint as Sigma!), will be likely selling out of everything they have including:

Don’t miss Omega 1 creators as they bring the post Hacker War World to the mass and minions of Comic Con!


Booth #5535


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  1. spwshr

    Great to see you again at comic con. Thanks for the pictures. My wife will be jealous because she has become a fan also. Hope to see Omega 1 on tv soon. Will keep spreading the word back home in NH.
    Thanks again!

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