Apr 12

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The Omega 1 Kickstarter for Issue 5 & 6 is Live on April 17th!


After over 5 years of waiting, Omega 1 fans will finally have the finalinstallments for Chapter 1 realized. This kickstarter campaign will only last 30 days, and some of the rewards are extremely rare.

Jump in and donate today to get your exclusive perks and your 1st run trade paperback of the Omega 1 Hacker Wars saga.

Click here to be taken to the kickstarter.

Omega 1: The Hacker Wars

Alias meets X-Men


“In the dismal future of the post hacker-war world, a genetically enhanced she-weapon searches for her lost identity. Along with her friends, she must piece together her past to uncover the conspiracy for global control orchestrated by those who raised her.”


The OMEGA 1 comic series has taken many forms over the years: from the worlds first appisodic comic series on the Apple Store, to physical comics sold around the world, to the rare motion comics available in 6 different languages.


OMEGA 1 fans have asked for a published trade paperback of the entire first chapter (issues 1-6), so of course we decided to include BTS, line art, and other ancillary content as well. Your donations will fund the artwork, printing, and publication of issues 5 & 6, already written and adapted for artwork, plus companion.  


The experienced crowdfunding team of Omega 1 are confident we can hit our stretch goals that will also allow us to release a first printing of issues 5 & 6 along with a third printing of 1-4 for our premier collectors! We will use this success to pitch Omega 1 to distributors so that additional chapters can be created and Omega 1 can receive an even wider audience.


Join the Revolution 


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