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Arizona Powergirl – Exclusive Interview

photobook cover

After spending a year hanging around Cara Nicole and having one of their variant covers made by her husband, the Omega 1 staff figured it was time to introduce Arizona Powergirl to their fans. Introducing our dear friend and world-class cosplayer and creator of Arizona Powergirl and protector of artist virtuoso Alfred Trujillo (who was smart enough to marry her). She sat down with Omega 1 creators Mark Edward Lewis and Alina Andrei and spoke from the heart about her dreams, origins and why Burger King is the place for creating goals.

Omega 1: How old where you when you first realized that you were destined to cosplay the most powerful women heroines?

Arizona Powergirl: I guess I NEVER realized it. Thanks for the 411. And now I know.

O1: Was there a cosplay that you did before AZ Powergirl? If so, why did you choose it?

AZPG: You know that I AM actually Az Powergirl right?  DC stole the concept from my spiritual essence way before I was even conceived. I was forced by the good people of Facebook to add “AZ.”

O1: How did you feel when you stepped into your first con as a cosplayer?

AZPG: I felt like a tortoise in the desert when the rain comes.

O1: What would you say sets you apart from other people who cosplay?


AZPG: Besides the acting, modeling and exhibiting at shows with a 10 foot tall banner, I’d say it is that I make books dedicated to my cosplay and endeavors in the comic world. I still have yet to see another cosplayer with something like my Photobook, which chronicles my cosplays like an artist’s Sketch Book would, or my magazine which talks about my conventions and features my very own comic book creation, Polygun!

O1: What has been the most challenging aspect of cosplaying and being the VP running the success

ful 183 Degree Studio?

AZPG: Who said I don’t take prisoners? The rest we just call volunteers to keep moral up. It’s quite challenging trying to stay in my bra while reaching over the table taking transactions at cons.

O1: So we’ve seen. There’s scuttlebutt that Alfred’s visualization of Omega 1 has Arizona Powergirl’s …well…bra as inspiration. How is it for you supporting Alfred in his endeavors while you’re also building your fame?

AZPG: Well, after a long day of rubbing his feet and bringing him sandwiches he allows me 10 minutes a day to have my little hobby. Seriously here, we do it ALL together. It’s a joint effort and we are building a business. It’s OUR endeavors. I’m the new Project: Shadows editor and I’ve been proofreading and writing and doing character designs and I help letter and promote and order and ship and all that stuff. We are a team.

O1: That’s a whole lot of work. It’s a good thing you have so much free time.  If you had it all your way, what would Cara Nicole’s life look like in five years?

APG: If I wanted it MY way I’d go to Burger King. I’ve learned that we don’t really know what we want. And sometimes the surprise is far better than anything we could have planned for ourselves.

O1: And in this case, sometimes the King is the best place to find inspiration. Although, we find it at Denny’s. Fewer palace guards. Better mutton. In all the amazing things you’ve done so far, what is the one thing you are proudest of?

AZPG: Pride is a sin. It is also a group of lions living in a family unit. Poor sinning lions…and now you know, the road to hell is paved with lions.

O1: We knew it! If you could change one thing about the Comic/Fantasy world, what would it be?

AZPG: I would add more pouches to anything Rob Liefeld drew.holding book

O1: Someone should just make a cottage business on e-bay selling pictures of his pouches. What can fans of Cara Nicole/AZPG always count on her for?

AZPG: Not money.

Mark Edward Lewis: Did you get that, Alina?

Alina Andrei: Hey Powergirl, let me hold a dollar!

AZPG: Alright. Just cuz it’s you. But I’m giving it to you in pennies. Pennies stuck to that Denny’s plate covered in pancake syrup.

AA: Hmm. Too many carbs.

MEL: Maybe in pancakes?

O1: I guess then you’d all be putting your money where your mouth is about all this. [groans all around] Who are your mentors or people that you look up to?

AZPG: I look up to people taller than me, because its rude to stare at their crotch.

AA: Or their abs. Abs of STEEL! [Alina flexes her abs]. [ AZPG flexes her arms and strikes a pose] Nice!. [They all look to Mark...who looks at his arms...]

MEL: Ah…let me get the camera…

O1: You guys are weird. Arizona Powergirl, do you have any special talents that Omega 1 fans should know about? Juggling? Sprint Car Racing? Jazz pianist?

AZPG: Not really a talent but I am a former competitive amateur bodybuilder and (this is the most important one) I used to be able to balance 9. Yes, 9, spoons on my face simultaneously!

O1: We’re bringing at least 8 spoons to the next con you’re at. What’s the most important aspect of Cara Nicole/AZPG that Omega 1 (and AZPG) fans should know about her?

AZPG: If you bring me a sugar free energy drink or dill pickle potato chips I will give you $5 off of a print. And a high five. And down low. Unless you are too slow. Also, Buy my BOOK!

O1: Thank you  for your friendship and for being such a great role model to so many people. You constantly inspire us!

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[edited by Wilfred Hahn]


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