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Autumn Ivy – Exclusive Interview

419758_408087522606723_436898222_nWorld-class cosplayer Autumn Ivy sat down with Omega 1 creators Mark Edward Lewis and Alina Andrei and spoke from the heart about her dreams, origins and why she doesn’t suffer fools.


Omega 1: How old where you (how many years ago) when you first realized that you were destined to cosplay the most powerful women heroines?

AI: Haha, honestly I kinda always had that little bit of imagination in me. I always loved dressing up as a kid. I liked pretending I was the lion, or the brave adventurer who wandered in to the jungle, as lame as that sounds. So I guess I kinda just followed myself into it – more that than a realization.


O1: How did you feel when you stepped into your first con as a cosplayer?

AI: My first immediate thought? Hohohooooly crap there is so much STUFF. I even think I made a “FUUUUUUU-” face to go with it. I actually met James Marsters at my first convention and about died because I didn’t know what to say to him! It didn’t help that I was dressed as Revy from Black Lagoon so I was in short denim shorts and a half top. Needless to say, kinda awkwardly awesome.

O1: You are a woman that gets things done and takes no prisoners. What has been the most challenging aspect of cosplaying?

AI: I occasionally take prisoners… Haha, anyway. I gotta say that I think the most challenging aspects tend to be balancing your work, home, and costuming life. It tends to get difficult when you are trying to pay all the bills and make costumes at the same time. Sometimes I even have to sacrifice one so I can make sure to take care of the other. Hehe, bills may or may not come second.399215_477531515609946_658287467_n

O1: What about dating? Does Cosplay cause any trouble for would be suitors?

AI: Honestly? No. I think it is so much better that I have a man in my life who loves costuming and armor building just as much as I do. I think it is the greatest feeling in the world to sit down with your significant other and plan out awesome projects, then be able to work on them together. I actually met him at a convention so it works out even better. The way I see it? If they don’t share any interest in what you do and you feel the same… then it won’t work like you really want it to.

O1: If you had it all your way, what would Autumn Ivy’s life look like in five years?

AI: Hmmm…. Y’know, that is a really scary thought actually. I don’t tend to look into the future any farther than I have to. I tend to be the type of person that likes to, as Tyler Durden so eloquently put it, “Let the chips fall where they may.”. I would like to hope that I am able to support my other half in his endeavors with films and maybe watch my writing take flight. I would really like to see everyone get to put there talent to great use, and I am no exception to this.

O1: In all the amazing things you’ve done so far, what is the one thing you are proudest of?

AI: I think the one thing I’m most proud of is the fact that despite all the challenges I have faced before, and especially during my entrance into the convention scene, that I didn’t let that stop me from doing what I enjoyed and making it a part of who I am.

 O1: If you could change one thing about the Comic/Fantasy world, what would it be?

AI: I honestly think that the scene of the conventions in the comic world is fine as it is. You have a little bit of everything people enjoy and it’s growing at a rapid rate. With the Comic/Fantasy world as a whole I think that people tend to make it what it is, and it has thrived more and more as time has passed each year. I love it. That being said, I wouldn’t change a thing.

O1: What can fans of Autumn Ivy always count on her for?

AI: I would like to hope that my fans can always count on me to be straight forward and interactive. I love talking to fans during conventions and splurging about the latest game released or even the classics. Hell, I still remember talking to a fan about Devil May Cry for like an hour one time. It was awesome.

O1: Who are your mentors or people who you look up to?426412_2672557693053_1147294702_n

AI: My grandmother. Hands down. I had a hard time growing up with teasing and bullying, but the one person who always believed in me and forced me to look inside of myself and see the little light that I tended to forget I had, was her. She was my zanpakutō in human form, and always will be. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to lead me when I needed it the most and be my mentor.

O1: Have you met Ivy Doomkitty? [her exclusive interview can be seen here.] There are so few cosplayers with the word “Ivy” in them.

AI: I LOVE LOVE LOVE dat girl. She is soo super sweet and has a bodacious bootay!

O1: Any thoughts about the upcoming San Diego Comic Con?

AI: Only one, “I CAN’T GOOOO!!!!!” Oh my god I wanted to go this year so bad and as luck had it, it just wasn’t in my cards. I was decently disappointed, but at the end of the day I tend to think that it gives me a little more time to finish the badass costumes I have planned and wear them next year when I am better prepared.

O1: So the real question on everyone’s mind is, “where did “Autumn Ivy” the name originate from?

AI: Poison Ivy was always a strong female character in my eyes and was one of my first cosplays. So I took my first name and then people at cons started calling me Ivy so I decided to combine the two.

O1: Do you have any special talents that Omega 1 fans should know about? Juggling? Sprint Car Racing? Jazz pianist?

AI: Ha, I wish I could juggle. Honestly, I try to be a jack of all trades – able to do a bit of everything. I sing, I dance, I act, I can rollover and play dead. Kidding aside though, I have always had a passion for horses and though it isn’t much of a ‘special’ talent I was damn good at what I did when I rode. No matter what it was. When I was on the back of that horse it was me and the horse and no one else. When I was a kid I placed first in a lot of competitions.

O1: So I guess when you’re cosplaying, you actually are NOT horsing around.

AI: That was terrible.

O1: We try. What’s the most important aspect of Autumn Ivy that Omega 1 (and Autumn Ivy) fans should know about her?

AI:No bullshit. I really had to think this one out pretty hard and I have to say, it’s the fact that I just don’t deal with bullshit.

O1: You don’t suffer fools.

AI: No. They suffer.  Ha ha. I take pride in the fact that I’m so straight forward majority of the time, and I can allow for that to show. I think it tends to get me in trouble a lot ahaha, but for the most part it’s saved my butt a few times too. Gotten me out of some bad situations, because I put my foot down. I love my fan, and I wanna make sure they know that.

O1: If you could only play cosplay for the rest of your life, who would it be?

AI: Oh damn this is hard! I love my female Dante because I’ve always loved the Devil May Cry series…. but Mint from Threads of Fate would be awesome too… oh lordy I’ve given myself a headache deciding. Lets say Mint, just for the magic rings.

O1: Thank you, Autumn Ivy, for your commitment to empowering the world of cosplay, comics and the world. We’re blessed to be your friend and to partner with you in the wonderful world of comics and beyond!

AI: Thank YOU for being so frickin awesome! I am proud to have taken the time to do this interview and give an insight into the crazy little world of Autumn. It was my pleasure and more so my blessing to be your friend and partner as well. Lots of lovings, kittens.

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[edited by Wilfred Hahn]



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