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Knightingail – Exclusive Interview

P-P5Our dear friend and cross-world traveler, Knightingail, sat down with Omega 1 creators Mark Edward Lewis and Alina Andrei and spoke from the heart about her dreams, origins and why she transmaterialized from Aeonius into Earth-world.

Omega 1: How old were you (or how many years ago) when you first realized that you were destined to roam about Earth and support fantasy/comics?

Knightingail: A lady NEVER divulges her age. But my race of Foresters live to be hundreds of Shadow Cycles (= earth-years) old. So I’ll just say I’m still a teenager by earth standards.

O1: How did you feel when you stepped into your first con?

Knightingail: It was amazing! All these comic conny attendees were there to see me! And who could blame them. I’m sure they like to see the other peoplies and creators too, but everyone knows they really wanted to see me – the REAL Knightingail from the comic book.


O1: You support cosplaying/cosplayers/comics all across the nation. Do you have any advice for men/women getting into cosplay?

Knightingail: Yes. Cosplay as ME, Knightingail. Playing me you can create an amazing costume, look gorgeously pretty, and get away with a lot of stuff by claiming you’re from another world – ah, edit out that last part. *Giggles* You could cosplay as anyone else from my comic booky too. Like Daniel or my Mom has a very pretty costume you could make. But evily Sicari from my new comic book series *shudder*. She would be a really amazing looking cosplay … if you didn’t want to play me … but of course most people will choose to cosplay me.

O1: What has been the most challenging aspect of being here on Earth and being the spokesperson for Big Dog Ink?

Knightingail: Standing on a convention floor in high heels. I love them in Aeonius because I can just hover or fly. But honestly what girls here on earth world want to stand on a convention floor for 10 hours in high heels! I think I’m going to start a movement to ban them. But they do look pretty. So maybe not.

O1: If you could, from here on, visit one place in the galaxy, where would it be?

Knightingail: What’s a galaksee?

O1: If you had it all your way, what would Knightingail’s life look like in five years?G-G2

Knightingail: Uh uh. No you don’t. I’m not giving away any secrets to future issues. You’ll just have to read about my life in my comic booky. (Pssst. Pssst. Check out my shield for huge hint about the 7 tribes of Aeonius.)

O1: What is your favorite thing about being on Earth?

Knightingail: Carmel popcorn at Downtown Disney! I went there after a comic conny in Anaheim. It smelled soooooo good, and it was soooooo yummy. I wish they had that in Aeonius.

O1: Well, maybe you could plant some Carmel Corn on Aeonius. If you could change one thing about the Comic/Fantasy world, what would it be?

Knightingail: I wish all ages fantasy comics got more love. *sniff* Everyone says they want something new and fun and amazing that the whole family can enjoy. Well, that’s what my story is. And I’m going to keep coming back to earth world until EVERYONE knows it. (That and the Carmel popcorn).

O1: How do you feel about your story being in comics? Would you rather it be on the news or some galactic channels?

Knightingail: I love the comic booky forum. It’s very visual. My story wouldn’t work in a novel because you have to see ME and how pretty I am. And I have amazing artists drawing and coloring my comic bookies that just bring my world to life. It’s something you definitely have to see. But yes, at sometime there will be Knightingail: The MOVIE! Splashers! It’s going to happen.

O1: What can fans of Knightingail always count on her for?

Knightingail: Sorry, were you saying something. I got distracted.

O1: Don’t worry about it. Who are your mentors or people that you look up to?

Knightingail: Definitely Kaeli. She’s always been my besty, even though she’s from a different tribe – the Hunter tribe. She’s kind of been looking out for me because I never had a mother to raise me. My mother died in childbirth with me. So Kaeli’s been there for me taking the place of a mother … you know, nagging me, telling me what I can’t do, being really bossy thinking she always knows what’s right when a lot of times she does but I don’t listen anyways … motherly things like that. And SEE Kaeli, I did mention YOU in this interview. So are you happy now?

O1: We’ll have to interview her next and hear her thoughts. Any of your thoughts about the upcoming San Diego Comic Con?

Knightingail: Even Daniel with his super-speed couldn’t get on-line fast enough to get me tickets. Can you get me in?G-G1

O1: Well, we’ve got a wonderful booth #5535 right across from D.C. Comics. There might just be a way to get you in. Besides, it’s unlikely anyone would want to mess with Omega 1 if there was a problem. You might find her useful against Sicari. With all the metal he and his minions carry, he’d be an easy foe for her. Then you could work on growing that Carmel Corn! Say, do you have any special talents that Omega 1 fans should know about? Juggling? Sprint Car Racing? Jazz pianist? Lightning Bolt Thrower?

Knightingail: How’d you guess? The last one actually. I’m a Forrester princess who was born with the power to heal people and creatures. I never knew why I had these powers. Later I was chosen to be the Master Centurion who also has the ability to control weather. And my weather control powers altered my healing powers so that I could also grow plants. In fact, my Knightingail costume I grow out of a special multi-colored flower from Aeonius. That way I can be in normal clothes with the flower in my hair, and when trouble comes … BAM … I just grow my hero costume, and I’m ready for battle.

O1: Boy, you might consider helping the folks at UnderArmor. It’d give it a whole new meaning. What’s the most important aspect of Knightingail that Omega 1 (and Knightingail) fans should know about her?


Knightingail: That I’m a REAL girl. I like girly things … like pretty flowers, cliff diving and sun bathing, wearing pretty clothes, and going on fun adventures. I’m very emotional – I cry, get angry, laugh, and get depressed. I’m also not perfect. I make tons of mistakes – even to the point of being tricked to follow an evily guy and become hisbrainwashed slave and kill for him as the Dark Knight Princess. But I learn from my mistakes, deal with the consequences, and become a better person through it. So many comic book women heroes are just guys with curves. I’m a real girl but I can be a hero too. That’s a message for all my female fans out there. You don’t have to be a guy to be important. Be who you are and be the best at it.

O1: We completely agree, Knightingail!  Thank you for your commitment to empowering women in cosplay and comic book creators (like us) here and everywhere in the galaxy. We’re blessed to be your friend and to partner with you and we hope you find more and more success!


Knightingail: Thankies. I loved chatting with you …. Do you have any Carmel Popcorn?

O1: Yes, over there in the cupboard. Be careful of the katana. Omega uses it to chop the kernels in half before she pops them. Something about mastering the flavor…

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[edited by Wilfred Hahn]


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