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Marilyn St. Louis – Exclusive Interview

The Omega 1 staff couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to spend some time interviewing the delicious and exotic Marilyn St. Louis especially after so many Omega 1 fans now have her husband, Jamie Tyndall’s, work in their homes (thanks to the Jamie Tyndall/Nei Ruffino Omega 1 Variant). Some of whom have his work in the 6′ X 4′ variety. And even in aluminum trading cards and aluminum etchings! After several shows spent supporting each other and sharing cosplay photo opps with Alina Andrei, it is high time this inventive and well-known woman is introduced to the Omega 1 fans. Here, Marilyn sat down with Omega 1 creators Mark Edward Lewis & Alina Andrei and talked about how she met Jamie, and why Dolly Parton is a “Boo” role model.

Omega 1: How did you meet Jamie? Love at first sight? Give us the juicy details.

Marilyn: We met online over a decade ago. We had a very long first date, moved in after 2 weeks and got married 6 months after we met. To this day, I refer to him as my mail-order husband.

O1: How many years ago did you first realize you were destined to cosplay the most powerful women heroines?

M: Not very long ago. My first costume was Black Widow and I wore it at Amazing Arizona 2012.

O1: We’ve seen Catwoman and Red Riding Hood and captured them on camera with Omega 1. Who else do you play?

M: Black Widow, Comikaze Girl, and a few more.

O1: How did you feel when you stepped into your first con as a cosplayer?

M: I was terrified of walking out of the ladies room at the convention center in Mesa, AZ. The skin tight spandex wasn’t the issue; it was stage fright. I went from working at home as a consultant in the tech industry to interacting with thousands of people at conventions.

O1: Since, like Alina, you cosplay to promote a product directly, what has been the most challenging aspect of cosplaying?

M: Representing a brand/IP/product means that your interaction with the audience is about the brand/IP/product. I become an extension of the booth and the promotional strategy. It also means that my costumes are adapted to the tasks: no gloves, no props that get in the way.

O1: What’s it like being at cons with lines of people at Jamie’s table all weekend…and you having to be his bouncer?

M: We try very hard to give everyone the time and attention they deserve. Comic fans are awesome. We’ve never had any issue requiring security.

O1: So your nickname, “Boo.” How did it start?

M: It’s from “Monster’s Inc.” [the movie] ”Boo” is the name of the girl who isn’t afraid of monsters.

O1: In all the amazing things you’ve done so far, what is the one thing you are proudest of?

M: This is a tough one. I think the business we have built provides me with the greatest sense of accomplishment.

O1: If you could change one thing about the Comic/Fantasy world, what would it be?

Alina Andrei and Marilyn at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

M: Diversity is key to the survival of the industry. I don’t want to suppress a part of the industry because it is not in accordance with my personal tastes or beliefs. Instead I want to add more of what I like: strong, intelligent and sexy female characters.

O1: Since you also see the artist side of comic books and help Jamie run his business, do you have any advice for aspiring comic creators?

M: Be organized, be reliable, be professional, be consistent, show progression, meet your deadlines, communicate with your clients (scope of the project, expectations, pricing, deadlines, changes, etc), build off line and online portfolios, build a web presence (social media),… And don’t get discouraged if your childhood comic book hero doesn’t like your portfolio. Art is subjective.

O1: What can fans of Marilyn St-Louis always count on her for?

M: Spandex. Lots and lots of spandex 

O1: Who are your mentors or people that you look up to?

M: Dolly Parton. We’ll have to save this one for a much longer conversation.

O1: What’s your next amazing cosplay going to be?

M: It’s a surprise. It will be much different that what I have done so far.

O1: So be read, Tyndall fans,  for Marilyn to be joining the 501st. Do you have any special talents that Omega 1 fans should know about? Juggling? Sprint Car Racing? Jazz pianist?

M: No circus act, no musical talent. I speak French, but it doesn’t feel like a special talent since it’s my first language.

O1: What’s the most important aspect of Marilyn St-Louis that Omega 1 (and her fans) should know about her?

M: Once I set my mind to something, I work very hard to make it happen.

Alina and Mark with Marilyn @ Phoenix Comic Con

O1: When are we going to see a “Marilyn St-Louis” table…with Jamie being your bouncer…filled with Jamie Tyndall renditions of your cosplays and the MSTL Pinup Calendar?

M: Very unlikely.

O1: Thank you for your tireless support of Omega 1 and your friendship. We look forward to even greater success for Jamie, and of course your talkshow on NBC airing soon.

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[edited by Wilfred Hahn]


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