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Tyfani Minx – Exclusive Interview

Our dear friend and world-class cosplayer Tyfani Minx sat down with Omega 1 creators Mark Edward Lewis and Alina Andrei and spoke from the heart about her dreams, origins and why cameras are like zombies to her.


Omega 1: How old where you when you first realized that you were destined to cosplay the most powerful women heroines?

Tyfani Minx: I was 23 when I decided to let my alter egos out to play.

O1: Was there a cosplay that you did before Gretel? If so, why did you choose it?

TM: Before Gretel I was Iron Man 2’s Version of the Black Widow. She was my first cosplay. I chose her because she was a strong, sexy, kick-butt red head. Master assassin and spy. Everything I want to be in life!

O1: How did you feel when you stepped into your first con as a cosplayer?

TM: I was beyond nervous. I am very camera shy and did not like being in the spotlight. It was an eye opening experience. Everyone wanted to take pictures with me. My ego gained a much needed confidence boost that day.

O1: You are very photogenic as Omega 1 fans will attest! What’s the most important aspect of Tyfani Minx that Omega 1 (and Tyfani Minx) fans should know about her?

TM: The most important aspect of Tyfani Minx is that she is in essence a single mother. And my daughter comes first in my life. Always. I won’t act noble about it. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel a bit bitter having to turn down going to this event/con or that photo shoot, or even a night out with friends. However, that is what parenthood (Hades, adulthood even) means: making the choices to be responsible over everything else.

I am hoping that come Aug 2014 (When her dad returns from the Army) I will be more available to do more in the cosplay/comic/gaming community, but right now I am just taking it slow and trying to have fun.

O1: You are a single mother who brings a lot of love and passion to the comic book world. What has been the most challenging aspect of cosplaying?

TM: For me the most challenging aspect is finding the time. Time to go to conventions/events, time to work on my cosplays, and time to learn new skills to improve/create my cosplays. Also, I am highly camera shy. I get all nervous and giddy around cameras. I don’t have the natural camera talent many of the cosplayers do. I am completely useless for creating things. I have tons of ideas, but not the know how to make them to a reality. I would love to be able to learn more skills/techniques. That being said, I do have to give a GIGANTIC Thanks to my family. They are a HUGE help in watching my daughter for me as I do what I love and in helping me to build my different cosplays.

O1: What’s it like working with a dad who doubles as an INCREDIBLE Incredible Hulk, and an intimidatingly large Phoenix Policeman?

Tyfani, Hulk (dad), and Mark at Phoenix Comic Con

TM: It is a ton of fun to be able to Cosplay with Daddy! Until people only want pictures with him. Then my feminine pride stings. LOL, just kidding. There are a lot of people think we are a couple too, which gets sort of uncomfortable for us, but it is so funny to see their faces when we correct them.

O1: What about dating? Does the crossbow cause any trouble for would be suitors?

TM: No, if anything I think the crossbow draws more guys to me. Must be a wood thing. At least it does until they find out it doesn’t actually function. (That’s what she said) Haha.

O1: If you had it all your way, what would Tyfani Minx’s life look like in five years?

TM: My way, huh? Hmmmmm… World Domination! Haha, I kid… [Tyfani does an evil eye shiftiness]. I would have to say definitely more cons/traveling and hopefully a character that is all my own. Someone people automatically think “Tyfani Minx” when they hear the character’s name.

O1: We think “Gretel” and we think of you already. In all the amazing things you’ve done so far, what is the one thing you are proudest of?

TM: My oldest daughter, Melodee. I had her a couple days after I turned 18. She was adopted from me by some family friends who sorely wanted a daughter but could not have another child of their own. I knew from the moment I got pregnant that no matter what I did I could

Alina Andrei and Tyfani Minx (the day we met her!)

not give her the life she deserved if I kept her. So I found someone that could, and would. A lot of people think I took the easy way out, but I know to my soul that I made the right choice for her, not just for me.

O1: That took a lot of courage. Perhaps the most important job of all is training up and loving in the next generation. Do you ever still see her?

TM: No. I can because it was an open adoption, but I choose not to intrude on the life her parents have built for her.

O1: When was the last time you saw her?

TM: I believe she was 2. My family accidently ran into her family at Cracker Barrel one morning.

O1: Was the family alright after you ran into them?

TM: I might have lied about my crossbow not working…

O1: Copy that. Would you want her to find you? Reunite with you?

TM: If and when she is ready to, I will be glad to get to know her and the life she has had. Her parents said upfront that they would not hide that she was adopted from her, but nor would they treat her differently from it. We do have friends in common that have seen her over the last few years and give me updates when they do. She is happy and healthy and loved. I could not ask for more.

O1: Does she and Spawnicus have the same father?

TM: Yes they do. Their father and I have a very complex history, before during and after our marriage, but it is one I would not give up.

O1: If you could change one thing about the Comic/Fantasy world, what would it be?

TM: I think that they need more happy, spazzy female characters. Preferably as brunette or redheads.  And larger characters. There is so much animosity towards people who do not cosplay “within their size” and it is just not right. It takes a lot of guts to cosplay some of the characters that are out there. More so when they do not fit your body type. For me the comic/fantasy world is about imagination and dreams. Tiny/in shape people are not the only ones that secretly dream of being badasses with powers. Reality is already prejudice enough; the fantasy world should not be too.

O1: What can fans of Tyfani Minx always count on her for?

TM: My fans can always count on me being camera shy, me being an emotional roller coaster, and my fear of zombies. It shall happen! Haha. In seriousness, I try my best to really connect with my fans and actually be a person in their lives. Not just a name and picture.

O1: So, you’ll not be watching the Walking Dead or WWZ anytime soon. Copy that too. Who are your mentors or people that you look up to?

TM: My parents are definitely people I look up to. They are a big part of my life, whether the rebellious young adult in me wants to admit that or not. LOL. I hope that I can be half as great as a parent as they have been to me. My little brother too. He just completed RASP (Ranger Selection and Assessment Program) back in May. He is doing what he has dreamed of doing since he was little, and is not letting anything stop him. Autumn Ivy is a HUGE role model to me! She doesn’t ever let anything get her down or stop her and she is super sweet! She has some of the most amazing, creative cosplays too. Icy Princess is another one. Not only is in she in school full time, but she is a single mom to an uber adorable baby while her husband is at sea for most of the year and still finds time to cosplay and have a costume/clothing store (called Hero and Villain Design).

O1: What’s your next amazing cosplay going to be?

TM: I have a couple different ideas for cosplays that I would like to do next, but none that are set in stone. The cartoon/comic version of Black Widow, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Jean Grey from Ultimate, and Rachel Alves from the Punisher are some that are on the lineup.

O1: What is your favorite part about attending cons?

TM: The kids. No joke. I love interacting with the kids. Seeing their faces light up at the sight of their favorite characters is such a wonderful feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I love meeting anyone at cons, but kids are the best. They are not as judgmental as teens/adults and yet somehow they are still more open in their opinions and admiration.

O1: Do you have any special talents that Omega 1 fans should know about? Juggling? Sprint Car Racing? Jazz pianist?

TM: Yes, I can belch with the best of them. Or so I am told. Haha. Other than that, nothing special about me. Really sort of plain. LOL.

O1: In that über courageous, fear of zombies and cameras single mother sort of way. Got it. We salute you in your powerful grasp of the rungs on the ladder that lead to the life you love…and living it even right now! We’re so grateful for your friendship and your support. Thank you!

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[edited by Wilfred Hahn]


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