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The Appearances of the Omega 1 Team

Jan 08

Omega 1 Nominated Best Editor/Best Episodic at ShockFest 2014!

Template 401 DVD WrapIn a surprise announcement by the curators of the 2014 ShockFest taking place the weekend of January 10th & 11th, 2014 at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, CA, the Omega 1 Issue 4 motion comic, which is an official entry of the festival, has received two coveted nominations:
Best Episodic Series

Best Editor: Mark Edward Lewis

The only film screening during the writer’s symposium at 5:00pm on Saturday the 11th, co-creators Alina Andrei and Mark Edward Lewis will be on hand answering questions about the adaptation of screenplays to comics to motion comics and how their franchise got off the ground. Along with other screenwriters who will be speaking about their screenplays that are nominated for best screenplay by the festival.

This screening of the motion comic Omega 1, Issue 4 will not only be a World Premiere, it will also be the first time the film will be seen in 5.1 surround sound. Originally mixed in stereo, and then remixed into DTS 11.1 surround at Sol 7 Recording and Post, the downmix from 11.1 should be nothing less than stunning and immersive.
DO NOT DELAY in purchasing your tickets online ($5 off), because spaces in the symposium are limited as it is the last film block of the festival before the red carpet event.

Click here to purchase your tickets now and select the “writer’s symposium.”


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Nov 07

Omega 1 Signing at Geoffrey’s Comics.

On November 20th, 2013, Omega 1 authors Mark Edward Lewis and Alina Andrei will appear at Geoffrey’s Comics. Fans can bring their favorite Omega 1 merchandize and get pictures with the authors as well as purchase new merchandize including the Omega 1 customized wallets, purses and aluminum plates and collector’s cards.

Contact Geoffrey’s Comic Shop for more information about the signing and directions:


15900 Crenshaw Blvd. Suite B
Gardena, CA 90250
(310) 538-3198


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Aug 18

Omega 1 to Attend C4 Sept 7-8!

On September 7-8th, 2013 at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, Omega 1 will be in a giant corner booth at the Central Coast Comic Con (C4). Toting all of their wares, creators Mark Edward Lewis and Alina Andrei will have their exclusives for their fans including limited pressing Aluminum plates, trading cards, prints, posters, and for the FIRST TIME, the Original Score to the Omega 1 Motion Comics will be available on download cards for half of the price they are available for online (amazon/iTunes). 

Of course, Alina will be in cosplay AS Omega 1 and will be available for photos and signings of any Omega 1 merchandize.

Also, if you currently own an Issue 1-3 motion comic DVD, bring it to the con. It can be traded for FREE for the Special Edition DVD!

Be sure to like the Omega 1 Facebook Page to be kept up to date on all the amazing things that are happening with Omega 1!



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May 30

Omega 1 to Appear at Amazing Las Vegas!





After a SMASH hit at Phoenix Comic Con, Omega 1 will be at their own booth in pin-up alley at Jimmy Jay’s Amazing

Las Vegas Comic Con!

Toting all 4 issues of Omega 1, the Special Edition Motion Comic DVD, Variant covers from Alfred Trujillo, Marat Mychaels, and Jamie Tyndall, the creators Mark Edward Lewis and Alina Andrei will also be sporting their world-renowned Super Swordfighting Series DVDs for a price that is nearly 85%off !

Mark and Alina will also have the brand new limited supply metal plates and trading cards of the Jamie Tyndal/Nei Ruffino cover on etched aluminum.

Booth #502!!


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May 11

The Comic Bug Hosts Omega 1 Creators

World renown comic book retailer, “The Comic Bug” in Manhattan Beach, CA will be hosting Alina Andrei and Mark Edward Lewis, the creators of Omega 1 for two signings on May 15th, 2013. Beginning at 12:00-3:00pm and 5:00-8:00pm, the two creators will have on hand their comics, motion comics, and prints and will be signing for fans and comic book enthusiasts.

Fans who receive newsletters will be able to redeem all of the coupons at the store for any Omega 1 product.


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Apr 13

Omega 1 to appear at Phoenix Comic Con!

After weeks of negotiations with the generous curators of the global sensation, Omega 1 will be attending Phoenix Comic Con in a booth. #267 to be precise. This appearance will have the premiere of Issue 4, the Special Edition Motion Comic DVD, Jamie Tyndal/Nei Ruffino Variant cover and Print, and the never-before-seen “OmegaWheel” at an Arizona Convention; where fans can win 99 cent comics, crazy discounts on Omega 1 merchandize and even a “$100 Grand” Prize!

Be sure be looking for the panels that the creators of Omega 1 will be hosting/attending at the convention as well.


In Issue 4:

Created by Alina Andrei & Mark Edward Lewis, and Written by Mark Edward Lewis

Original Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

In this installment, Omega finds herself trapped in the spawning chamber of the Alphas with Rev. Dr. Michael Bertrand and Sigma ready to dispatch her to the afterlife. The instigator of the Hacker War, Ibrahim Anwar, is discovered. The ETHOS children find themselves on their first “off-ranch” mission, and the dark secrets of Dr. Roy Marcus are further revealed. But when Lina is captured and tortured while doing a courier run for a new client, everything stops as the ACA team desperately tries to find her.


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Apr 13

Omega 1 Spending Free Comic Book Day at Jesse James Comics


Forget Black Friday. Forget the day after Christmas. Free Comic Book Day overshadows them all. And no one does Free Comic Book Day better than Jesse James Comics out of Glendale, AZ. Open for 48 hours straight starting at 12:01, May 4th, (Star Wars Day of course) – “May the 4rth be with you…”),  all of the local “A” list artists and talent will be there including others like Nei Ruffino.

Well, Omega 1 has been invited as a VIP to the coveted event. Creator Mark Edward Lewis and model Teresa Noreenwill be in attendance to hand out goodies and proffer the newest Omega 1 wares at special JJC discounts. Be sure to come by and get your dose of FCD and Omega 1.

May 4th will be a general day of fun, chaos and mayhem. May 5th will see the big players sitting in signing autographs and taking orders.

Click here to find out more about Jesse James Comics Free Comic Book Day, and how to take advantage of this amazing event yourself!


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Feb 08


After three amazing days at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con, Omega 1 was sold out of nearly everything the creators Mark Edward Lewis & Alina Andrei had brought. Thanks to show curator Jimmy Jay, Omega 1 was positioned prominently in a booth near the entrance. Phoenix comic fans clamored to the tables and were excited to find the motion comic, the Marat Michaels alternate cover, and the show exclusive Alfred Trujillo cover. 

The limited print numbers of both comics dwindled significantly at the AACC, and many new Phoenix fans purchased all four issues. Alina Andrei was on hand, and in costume, to have hundreds of pictures taken with fans in addition to Teresa Noreen

Thank you to all of our new friends and fans in Phoenix. We had no idea how supportive and wonderful you have been to us!

Because Phoenix Comic Con is currently sold out of booths and tables, Omega 1 will be represented by the retailers in Phoenix who carry the comics and the creators of Omega 1 will be in attendance at the show to be on panels and more. There is also a small change that Omega 1 will have its own booth at the con.

Omega 1′s next appearance will be at WonderCon Anaheim at the end of March where the official release of Issue 4, the fully compiled motion comic, and a new Jamie Tyndall alternate cover will be available.


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Nov 03


The creators of Omega One, Mark Edward Lewis and Alina Andrei continue there convention circuit October 3rd-October 4th; as they make their first appearance at the LBCC they will be  OMEGA 1 ALFRED TRUJILLO VARIANTbringing with them two new variant covers that will debut at the convention.

The first variant cover is by artist Alfred Trujillo; the cover features Omega One wielding her sword straight through the cover.  Alfred Trujillo is one of the most well known artists in Arizona and is one of the rising stars in comics. Alfred is known for his work on his own comic book creation “Project Shadows” and is a fan favorite at comic book conventions.

In addition colorist Jeff Balke will be lending his color skills to the Alfred Trujillo cover during the the LBCC; take the cover over to his table and he will color a portion of the cover (We recommend the sword) for only $10.00; Jeff Balke is well known colorists and has worked with many different publishers and artists and he is a fan favorite at many of the large comic book conventions including SDCC, NYCC.

The second cover is created by Marat Mychaels; the cover features Omega One in front of a burning building wielding her sword as she holds off others with her gun. Marat is an artist at DC Comics who has worked the Hawk And Dove comic book series, and has also worked Rob Liefield on the ” The Grifter”; Marat is also a convention favorite and attends many of the top conventions.

Come by the Omega One table at the Long Beach Comic Book Convention October 3rf-October 4th at booth #1500, then take your Alfred Trujillo variant edition to Jeff Balk’s table for him to add his color magic, and then take the Marat Mychaels variant edition cover to Marat’s table to be signed.

“Omega One” takes place in the future when the lines of electronic communications are compromised by groups of terrorist hackers that have brought done not only large companies but governments from around the world; thus began the “Hacker Wars”.

Out of the hacker wars grew courier services that rely on human curriors that can hold vast amounts of data and information. These couriers have OMEGA ONE #1 MURAT VARIANT COVERbecome the futuristic version of the pony express encountering danger at every turn.

Among the many courier services has emerged “Alpha Courier Alliance” one of the elite companies known for their ability to get information through no matter the risk; along with their top agent “Omega One”.

But who is Omega One, that’s a question even she is asking herself, and why are clients and government agencies trying to kill her?

If you can’t make the LBCC Convention don’t worry you can get your variant covers from the Omega One Store.




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