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The “Omega One” comic book series takes place in the future. When the lines of electronic communications are compromised by groups of terrorist hackers that have brought down not only large companies but governments from around the world; this  began the “Hacker Wars”. Out of the hacker wars grew courier services that rely on human couriers that can hold  vast amounts of data and information. These couriers have become the futuristic version of the pony express, these couriers encounter danger at every turn

Among the many courier services has emerged “Alpha Courier Alliance” one of the elite companies known for their ability get informatiOmega 1 Marat Mychaels Varianton through no matter the risk; along with their top agent Meg Vasille code-named ”Omega One”.  But who is “Omega One”, where did she come from and why do people either want to possess her or want her dead?

What makes “Omega One” stand out is that it can be purchased in a number of formats including in regular comic book form and also in motion comic format in which the pages come to life including voices and effects making it a true comic book movie.

This is not your typical “motion comic”; where most motion comics are created from the ground up and featured a new story, Omega 1 creators actually take the panels of the actual comic and put them in motion, as if reader’s are actually watching the comic come to life, the motion comic comes complete with voice overs, music, special effects.

The “Omega One” motion comic can be watched on any computer, mobile device, by going to and watching all of the episodes there OR by purchasing the DVD which includes commentaries of the artists, authors and more on this site.

Apple iBooks ALSO has it’s proprietary version of ALL FOUR ISSUES available on iTunes.

Omega 1 is the brain-child of composer, director and owner of LEM Media Productions Mark Edward Lewis and actress and stunt woman Alina Andrei. Mark Edward Lewis  and Alina Andrei are both the creators and writers of the Omega 1 comic book and the motion comic, Alina Andrei is also the model and the voice for the lead character of Megan Vasille aka Omega 1.

The Omega 1 motion comic book is directed, produced, by Mark Edward Lewis, in addition Mark Edward Lewis also did the original music score and the special effects for the project as well.

Emanuel Xerx Javier is the artist for both the regular comic book as well as the motion comic book; Emmanuel Xerx Javier has also worked on such projects as Raven Nevermore, Americaanime Productions, Victorian Horrors Of Old Mauch Chunk.Portraying “Meg Vasille” (AKA “Omega One”) is Alina Andrei; Alina is not only the model for the comic but she is also the co-writer and creator of “Omega One” she is also the the voice actress of the “Omega One” motion comic that can be downloaded from .

Portraying “Meg Vasille” (AKA “Omega One”) is Alina is not only the model for the comic but she is also the co-writer and creator of “Omega One” she is also the the voice actress of the “Omega One” motion comic that can be downloaded from the Omega 1 video store.

Alina Andrei is a long-time veteran of Hollywood having worked as an actor, stunt woman/martial artist/sword master, award-winning producer and writer. Among her writing and producing credits include the award winning short film “Kat Booty” and more. She is also co-creator on many franchises currently in development including, “The Spirit Within,” Mad Maxine and “Omega 1″ franchise, her latest co-creator and co-writer collaboration with Mark Edwards Lewis. Also with Mark Edward Lewis, she produced the widely popular DVD series which has enjoyed international distribution.

For the last 10 years, she has been continuously training as a Actor, and Stunt Woman in acting, stunts, and sword-fighting (European & Italian styles) including: saber, rapier, rapier & dagger, cutlass, broadsword, small sword, quarterstaff. For the last 6 years, she has been training in martial arts in such arts as: Muay Thai, Boxing, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Grappling and is currently training in Tae Kwon Do, Wu Shu, and Wei Kune Do Boxing and Asian Swordplay with such weapons as Katana, Japanese Sais, Wu Shu Sword/Staff etc. She is the real deal.

Alina Andrei has over 85 credits in Film and TV and has worked on many popular shows such as “Desperate Housewives”, “The Office,” “Dexter, “Flash Forward,” “The Mentalist,” “Prison Break” and “Transformers” to name a few. Moreover, for the past 10 plus years, she has been successful in dual careers as an actor and stuntwoman.


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Contact info: LEM Media Productions Mark Edward Lewis (702) 727-4400 © 2013 Omega One Ventures, Inc.


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What is an Appisode? Put simply, it is the combination of the artwork and serial story nature of a comic book, the episodic multi-media aspect of a television series played from a special features DVD and delivered as an “App” on the Apple Mobile Network. Developed by Mark Edward Lewis, Alina Andrei and Marty McDonough, …


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