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Contact info:
LEM Media Productions
Mark Edward Lewis
(702) 727-4400
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  1. Craig

    Hello, I met you all at Comikaze and got the DVD, I love the whole story and the comic it self, I was hoping to see some thing on the SY-FY ch. and yet no word, so what is the word on OMEGA-1 is sy-fy going to do any thing with it or did they take your rights to produce and leave you in limbo? Please let me know I really enjoyed the series and would like to get the word out if there is going to be more issues or some thing else.
    Thank you,
    Craig Estrella

    1. admin

      Hey Craig. We’ll be at Comikazee again. Bring your DVD and we’ll switch it out for a special edition (with issue 4 and more) for free!

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