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What is an Appisode? Put simply, it is the combination of the artwork and serial story nature of a comic book, the episodic multi-media aspect of a television series played from a special features DVD and delivered as an “App” on the Apple Mobile Network. Developed by Mark Edward Lewis, Alina Andrei and Marty McDonough, the Appisode concept is the answer to the need for a widened digital distribution of comic book content to non-comic book readers on the Apple Network.

Historically, non-comic aficionados have found it difficult following a comic book’s visual story is difficult to discern. Sometimes the pictorial direction is not intuitive and finding the flow of text bubbles is difficult to the uninitiated. Moreover, many consumers would much rather have the voices and sound effects not left up to their imagination. With the Appisode, each individual graphic pane of the comic book is scanned, zoomed and enhanced to look its best on Apple Mobile devices. Edited into the writer and artist’s appropriate story order and with text bubbles removed, the even the non comic reader can easily follow along with the story. Naturally, with the text removed, voice-overs take the stage as the main source of audio story telling. Complete with feature-grade sound effects and original score, the Appisode treatment of the comic book medium is the new aesthetic in digital delivery of graphic storytelling.

Added to the “app” is the standard “pinch and zoom” feature of many major-studio comic book houses where the physical comic is viewable on screen in its entirety or zoomed in to be able to read the comic book text. However, Appisodes download complete with bios on each of the characters, and commentary tracks from the producers and artists of the Appisode. Much like a “special features” DVD, these commentaries play back while the user is watching the video program.

The size of the iPhone 3/iPod Touch version is roughly 350 megabytes, and the iPad HD and iPhone 4 version is roughly 500 megabytes. Both versions are far too large to download over the AT&T cellular service and must be downloaded via Wi-Fi network or from the user’s home computer via iTunes. However, with the growing memory capacity of Apple Mobile Devices and with Apple’s ever-present push to cause customers to buy those larger capacity devices, Appisodes create a perfect merging of distributor need with
customer value. As with every app, when memory becomes tight on a device, apps can be “stored” in iTunes on the user’s computer for reloading when desired.

The concept for the Appisode came about in late May of 2010 when Mark Edward Lewis and Alina Andrei approached their now app designer Marty McDonough to develop an app for the “Omega 1” comic franchise. He quickly mentioned that a multi-media/short film treatment of the comic would cause much more of a stir than a simple pinch-andzoom app. Mark Edward Lewis, a 20 year veteran of post production, applied the talent of his company LEM Studio Productions and created the motion media, sound design and
original score content while recording the voice over and mixing. Within two weeks, the media for the app was complete.

Users will be able to download the Appisodes exclusively from the Apple iTunes Store or from the iPhone/iPad App store for 99¢.


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