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Feb 08



Issue 4 CoverThe thrilling answers to every Omega 1 Fan’s questions as to where Omega 1 came from, who are her parents, who is Ibrahim Anwar, and where is the head of the Hacker War are now answered in the newest installment of the Omega 1 franchise. Issue 4 is NOW AVAILABLE in standard edition,  or in an edition signed by Co-Creator Alina Andrei, or available on iBooks on the Apple Network Via iTunes.

Created by Alina Andrei & Mark Edward Lewis, and Written by Mark Edward Lewis

Original Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

In this installment, Omega finds herself trapped in the spawning chamber of the Alphas with Rev. Dr. Michael Bertrand and Sigma ready to dispatch her to the afterlife. The instigator of the Hacker War, Ibrahim Anwar, is discovered. The ETHOS children find themselves on their first “off-ranch” mission, and the dark secrets of Dr. Roy Marcus are further revealed. But when Lina is captured and tortured while doing a courier run for a new client, everything stops as the ACA team desperately tries to find her.


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