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Jun 17

Hollywood Mogul Neal Fischer Signs with Omega 1


After months of discussions, a new partnership between Omega 1 creators Mark Edward Lewis, Alina Andrei and Hollywood media mogul, Producer Neal Fischer was created this afternoon in West Hollywood, CA. Neal, the producer popular films including “Sushi Girl,” “Catalytic” both starring Tony Todd, and Star Trek: Axanar owns his own post production company called, “SYNAPTIC.”  He is also the United States representative of Davis Films and has overseen distribution for such titles as “Resident Evil,” “Domino,” “Silent Hill,” and others.


Lewis and Fischer, both self-proclaimed Sci-Fi experts and lovers (otherwise known as geeks) hit it right off as friends. While working on Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Lewis introduced Fischer to the Omega 1 franchise. Fischer loved what he saw, and quickly talks began. Fischer is now a producer for Omega 1, and he is bringing his not insubstantial Hollywood influence in order to market the franchise to studios and networks to cement a film/television production.


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