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Jun 17

Hollywood Mogul Neal Fischer Signs with Omega 1


After months of discussions, a new partnership between Omega 1 creators Mark Edward Lewis, Alina Andrei and Hollywood media mogul, Producer Neal Fischer was created this afternoon in West Hollywood, CA. Neal, the producer popular films including “Sushi Girl,” “Catalytic” both starring Tony Todd, and Star Trek: Axanar owns his own post production company called, “SYNAPTIC.”  He is also the United States representative of Davis Films and has overseen distribution for such titles as “Resident Evil,” “Domino,” “Silent Hill,” and others.


Lewis and Fischer, both self-proclaimed Sci-Fi experts and lovers (otherwise known as geeks) hit it right off as friends. While working on Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Lewis introduced Fischer to the Omega 1 franchise. Fischer loved what he saw, and quickly talks began. Fischer is now a producer for Omega 1, and he is bringing his not insubstantial Hollywood influence in order to market the franchise to studios and networks to cement a film/television production.


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Aug 18

Omega 1 to Attend C4 Sept 7-8!

On September 7-8th, 2013 at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, Omega 1 will be in a giant corner booth at the Central Coast Comic Con (C4). Toting all of their wares, creators Mark Edward Lewis and Alina Andrei will have their exclusives for their fans including limited pressing Aluminum plates, trading cards, prints, posters, and for the FIRST TIME, the Original Score to the Omega 1 Motion Comics will be available on download cards for half of the price they are available for online (amazon/iTunes). 

Of course, Alina will be in cosplay AS Omega 1 and will be available for photos and signings of any Omega 1 merchandize.

Also, if you currently own an Issue 1-3 motion comic DVD, bring it to the con. It can be traded for FREE for the Special Edition DVD!

Be sure to like the Omega 1 Facebook Page to be kept up to date on all the amazing things that are happening with Omega 1!



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Aug 17

Omega 1 Soundtrack Now Available!

Mark Edward Lewis Directed and Produced the critically acclaimed motion comic for the comic book series “Omega 1″ created by Alina Andrei and Mark. The series spans the first four issues of the comic and includes Hollywod-grade sound effects and Voice Overs. It is currently being mixed in 11.1 DTS surround at Sol 7 Mix & Post in Encino, CA to demonstrate the capabilities of the new DTS format the studio itself.

However, as one might expect, Mark put a lot of incredible dramatic music into those motion comics. Over 57 minutes worth, to be precise. Leaning heavily on his orchestra-meets-dub-step talents, the score spans genres from trip hop to dub step to euro-pop all with a powerful and moving underscore.

The score to all four issues is now available on both Amazon.com and on iTunes by searching for “Mark Edward Lewis.”

Be sure to see the rest of Mark’s soundtracks by clicking here!

Don’t miss the Omega 1 webpage which has everything from comic books to aluminum etchings to posters to the most technically specific and creative analysis of how World War III will transpire…as a hacker war.


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May 11

The Comic Bug Hosts Omega 1 Creators

World renown comic book retailer, “The Comic Bug” in Manhattan Beach, CA will be hosting Alina Andrei and Mark Edward Lewis, the creators of Omega 1 for two signings on May 15th, 2013. Beginning at 12:00-3:00pm and 5:00-8:00pm, the two creators will have on hand their comics, motion comics, and prints and will be signing for fans and comic book enthusiasts.

Fans who receive newsletters will be able to redeem all of the coupons at the store for any Omega 1 product.


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Apr 23

Omega 1′s Facebook Page Hits 3,000 Fans!

Since the release of the Jamie Tyndall alternate cover and print for the Omega 1 franchise, the facebook page of the comic book sensation has grown by nearly 1,500%. Spanning fans from the United Kingdom, Africa, Canada and all across the USA, Omega 1′s popularity is growing by leaps and bounds.

With the press release of Omega 1 Creators Alina Andrei and Mark Edward Lewis being invited VIPs for Jesse James Comic’s Free Comic Book Day on May 4-5 in Phoenix, AZ, the clamor around Omega 1 has gotten even louder.

As a thank you to all fans and owners of Omega 1 merchandize, all purchases over $9 will have free shipping!

Alina and Mark thank all of the supporters of Omega 1 and look forward to a long exploration of the Post Hacker-War earth as led by our hero, Omega 1.


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Mar 10

The Jamie Tyndall/Nei Ruffino Alternate Cover is Here!

omegaink_final RBG small size

The long-awaited cover drawn by world-famous artist Jamie Tyndall and renown colorist Nei Ruffino for the Omega 1 comic franchise is now available as an alternate cover for Issue 1 and as an 11X17 print.

Posing Omega in a sexy bikini sporting dual katanas and a host of ancillary weapons, this limited edition print and cover demonstrates the mastery of these two creatives and brings the exciting Omega 1 world into even more vivid realism.

Order your Omega 1 Limited 100 print edition 11X17 and your Limited 500 print Omega 1 Issue 1 Alternate Cover Now before supplies run out.

Be sure to like the Omega 1 Facebook page for more updates and news about Omega 1, and the creators’ appearances!



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Mar 01

Motion Comic DVD Now Available for Pre-Order!

Template 401 DVD Wrap

The long-awaited all-encompassing four issue motion-comic DVD is now available! Complete with all four motion comic issues from Volume 2 of the comic book series (beginning with Omega after she has left ETHOS), this DVD includes the commentaries familiar to fans from the issue 1-3 DVD AND MORE! Long-Form commentaries from the director and the co-creators of the comic book spanning the entire 54+ minute saga. Special commentaries from the co-director/co-editor of Issue 3, Emmy award-winning editor Sven Kamm, and, of course, more commentaries from artist Emmanuel Xerx Javier. The DVD sports several juicy Easter Eggs and the entire original soundtrack by Mark Edward Lewis as a special track underscoring every page of the actual comic books.

This DVD also sports newly remastered Issues 1-3 including new effects, remastered audio and updated animations!

This special edition DVD is not to be missed. Pre-order your DVD now, and get yours with shipping waived! Click here to order yours now!


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Jun 27


Actress,  Voice Actress Stunt woman, and model and voice for Omega One Alina Andrei; will be a guest at the Comikaze Expo 2012; Alina will be at Comikaze talking about some of the projects she has been involved with such as the Transformers movie, Thor, and also about some of the video game projects she has worked on including the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man video game. Alina will of course be at Comikaze to talking about the Omega One Comic Book and Motion Comic where she is the model and voice of the character.

She will also have Omega One issues for sale and will have a preview of the Omega One Motion Comic to view!AXCTRESS ALINA ANDREI

Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo is the brainchild of siblings Regina, Fabiano, and Mario Carpinelli, who grew up in Southern California. Since childhood, they’ve been immersed in a world of comics, gaming, horror, sci-fi, fantasy and anime. With the help of close friends Klaus Moeller and Shelle Mannion, big comic fans themselves, this collective of family and friends created the event that has always been missing from the city of Los Angeles.

After the success of their inaugural event in 2011, which brought in a whopping 35,000 attendees, Comikaze Expo was approached by living legend Stan Lee and his company Pow! Entertainment. Stan was impressed by the show and offered to purchase a percentage of the company. Thus, turning Comikaze Expo into Stan Lee’s Comikaze. Soon after, Cassandra Peterson, also known as Elvira Mistress of the Dark, followed suit. Now, for the first time in history, a comic book convention is owned by legendary pop-culture icons.

Stan Lee’s Comikaze is unlike any other comic-related event in the United States. Having spent much time researching both local and national conventions in the United States, the Comikaze Team crafted an event that will thrill and excite even the most casual comic fan. Stan Lee’s Comikaze is a multi-tiered extravaganza created by real comic fans with deep ties to the entertainment world. While Stan Lee’s Comikaze might have a classic convention vibe, it’s much more than that. The Comikaze Team did not want to make an event for industry people and hardcore fans only. Instead, they designed a more balanced event as an alternative to the standard fan convention, dedicated to the Los Angeles and geek community above all else.

Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo is an integral part of the city of Los Angeles, something both residents and visitors can enjoy for years to come. Drawing inspiration from the city and the fans, Stan Lee’s Comikaze is an eclectic mix of LA and geek culture. Stan Lee’s Comikaze strives to create something unique for the city of Los Angeles. Between the convention and pre-events there will undoubtably be something for everyone to enjoy.

This year meet such guests as Stan Lee, Elvira Mistress Of The Dark, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, and many more including Alina Andrei; Alina is both the model and voice of the Omega One comic book and the motion comic; she also co-created and co-wrote Omega One with Mark Edward Lewis; look for Alina and at the creators and artists area at Comikaze.

BE WARNED: Alina SOLD OUT of Omega One #1 within the first hours of the first day of the convention, at Comikaze she will have Omega One #1 and Omega 1 #2 on hand to sign but get their early or you will be missing out on a very cool comic!


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