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Aug 17

Omega 1 Soundtrack Now Available!

Mark Edward Lewis Directed and Produced the critically acclaimed motion comic for the comic book series “Omega 1″ created by Alina Andrei and Mark. The series spans the first four issues of the comic and includes Hollywod-grade sound effects and Voice Overs. It is currently being mixed in 11.1 DTS surround at Sol 7 Mix & Post in Encino, CA to demonstrate the capabilities of the new DTS format the studio itself.

However, as one might expect, Mark put a lot of incredible dramatic music into those motion comics. Over 57 minutes worth, to be precise. Leaning heavily on his orchestra-meets-dub-step talents, the score spans genres from trip hop to dub step to euro-pop all with a powerful and moving underscore.

The score to all four issues is now available on both Amazon.com and on iTunes by searching for “Mark Edward Lewis.”

Be sure to see the rest of Mark’s soundtracks by clicking here!

Don’t miss the Omega 1 webpage which has everything from comic books to aluminum etchings to posters to the most technically specific and creative analysis of how World War III will transpire…as a hacker war.


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Mar 10

The Jamie Tyndall/Nei Ruffino Alternate Cover is Here!

omegaink_final RBG small size

The long-awaited cover drawn by world-famous artist Jamie Tyndall and renown colorist Nei Ruffino for the Omega 1 comic franchise is now available as an alternate cover for Issue 1 and as an 11X17 print.

Posing Omega in a sexy bikini sporting dual katanas and a host of ancillary weapons, this limited edition print and cover demonstrates the mastery of these two creatives and brings the exciting Omega 1 world into even more vivid realism.

Order your Omega 1 Limited 100 print edition 11X17 and your Limited 500 print Omega 1 Issue 1 Alternate Cover Now before supplies run out.

Be sure to like the Omega 1 Facebook page for more updates and news about Omega 1, and the creators’ appearances!



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