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Mar 01

Motion Comic DVD Now Available for Pre-Order!

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The long-awaited all-encompassing four issue motion-comic DVD is now available! Complete with all four motion comic issues from Volume 2 of the comic book series (beginning with Omega after she has left ETHOS), this DVD includes the commentaries familiar to fans from the issue 1-3 DVD AND MORE! Long-Form commentaries from the director and the co-creators of the comic book spanning the entire 54+ minute saga. Special commentaries from the co-director/co-editor of Issue 3, Emmy award-winning editor Sven Kamm, and, of course, more commentaries from artist Emmanuel Xerx Javier. The DVD sports several juicy Easter Eggs and the entire original soundtrack by Mark Edward Lewis as a special track underscoring every page of the actual comic books.

This DVD also sports newly remastered Issues 1-3 including new effects, remastered audio and updated animations!

This special edition DVD is not to be missed. Pre-order your DVD now, and get yours with shipping waived! Click here to order yours now!


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