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ACA Biographics

11-3 16-21-31Otherwise known as the “Alpha Courier Alliance,” ACA was formed from former members of the defunct “Continental Courier Company.” C3, as it was called, was helmed by the infamous and dastardly Carl Venture. Although reports are unclear, it appears that Venture sold out Omega 1 to the CIA in order to receive a large cash reward. However, the subsequent CIA operation to capture Omega and bring her back to ETHOS went badly for the agency. Omega decimated the field operatives and, in turn, upon discovering Venture’s betrayal, returned to C3 and executed him. Although sources maintain that Venture was a master swordsman himself, police evidence suggests that he was killed by a katana.

Shortly after the death of Venture, C3 filed for bankruptcy and the staff and couriers of the once esteemed company went their separate ways…except for four operatives, the company’s chief of IT and head dispatcher, head of surgical strike and recover operations, head of infiltrative drops, and the newest, but most lethal field courier: Red, Dagger, Lina and Omega respectively. They committed to create their own courier company; and ACA was born. This new company, because the wise foresight by the members to keep it highly confidential, assisted in hiding Omega’s whereabouts from ETHOS and the CIA for many months while the company garnered a name for itself in the elusive information courier world.

Originally headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, thanks to a rich uncle of Lina’s (who donated a warehouse for their use), the lack of secure facilities had the ACA team seek out much more powerful and mysterious investors. Mr. Winters saw the talent of the ACA team and moved them to Arlington, VA – right under the nose of ETHOS 6. Building a largely underground facility complete with shooting range, living quarters, meeting rooms, gym, op tech lab, dispatch area, vehicle repair shoppe/garage, survival shelter, anti-aircraft and limited SAM/intercept capability, and pedabytes of 256 bit encrypted servers with instant hardline break should any hacker attempt to break into ACA systems, the ACA headquarters is a place that is kept strictly ultra top secret level 5 for the protection of the operatives and clients’ information.

Recently ACA accepted an offer to work closely with FBI Bravo 7, the black ops secret arm of the FBI on missions of national security that require the special skills of the ACA operatives. Although the investors of ACA are cynical regarding the partnership, they are tolerant since the FBI pays well.


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