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Alphas Tech

  • The brainchild of Rev. Dr. Michael Bertrand and Dr. Quentin Leeds, Alphas are the world’s first genetically altered human that can be controlled remotely. All female, an unknown number of Alphas were created throughout the world. 50 of them were created at the ETHOS 6 facility.
  • The process for creating an Alpha is simple: “volunteer” human beings are selected and placed in a stasis. There, their genetic information is altered by a near perfect “source” human (in this case, Omega 1). In addition, their motor skills are “programmed” by feeding the source’s motor information during combat to the Alpha’s cortex. This is the “programming” process that insures that an Alpha will respond and react in the same way as the source. Finally, the Alpha is activated by neuro-electric stimulus.
  • In order to protect ETHOS, Dr. Bertrand had Dr. Roy Marcus implant a fail-safe code into the Alphas’ so that if their creation should turn on ETHOS employees, ETHOS could “deanimate” them. Moreover, Bertrand installed cyanide/flourine capsules in the back molar of every Alpha. Thus, in the event of capture, the Alpha would “self-destruct” before any of ETHOS’ scientific breakthroughs or secrets could be discovered. Alphas are also surgically fitted with wetware implants into the higher functioning portions of their brains. These implants are controlled remotely via satellite from ETHOS by the mission computer. This allows remote control of the “will” and decision making processes of the Alpha. Thus, only mission objectives and related objectives are considered in the field. As long as ETHOS can beam the mission computer’s information to an Alpha, the Alpha will have this limited free will.
  • Alpha’s are the perfect sleeper/infiltrator in that they possess no special skills until on-mission, and they have no memory of their former encounters, they have self-destruct capabilities that are remotely triggered, they cannot be interrogated (because they are not in control of their mission objectives and have no memory of any past dealings) and they look, behave and speak like the average sheeple…until they’re called upon to defend themselves. In which case, only Omega 1 can defend herself one-on-one with an Alpha. Alpha’s, although they lack the physical strength of a man, more than make up for that lack in training, cunning, inability to have pain affect them, and master controlling of the ETHOS hubs.

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