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Bravo 7 – FBI Biographics

6-3In 2020, following the economic and military collapse of the United States of America, the remaining core of the Executive Branch was able to piece together a rag-tag pony express group of individuals who would keep information flowing for the government. The first organization that the government brought online was the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This organization’s charter was widely expanded to include homeland security and American-Soil black operations to bring hackers in for interrogation in order to stop Ibrahim Anwar and bring the Hacker War to an end.

Under the leadership of one Catherine Carter, ten black ops divisions of the FBI were created. She now directly oversees FBI Operation Code B-0077 or “Bravo 7.” Its mission is to scour the “Hacker War” landscape and discover the locations of every hacker cell in the United States and discover a weak spot and prosecute sorties against those cells with maximum prejudice.

After several successful interrogations of captured terrorists and hackers, it was discovered that the true enemy of the State was not Ibrahim or his hackers, but rather ETHOS and Rev. Dr. Michael Bertrand. Because ETHOS is chartered under the United Nations, the FBI has no jurisdiction to bring it down. However, the clever Catherine Carter enlisted the help of the Alpha Courier Alliance, and, given their “private side” status, presented the FBI with plausible deniability should any mission go poorly against ETHOS and a far more effective and trained shock troop.

Every black ops division of the FBI has a regimental size force of ground troops and a full air wing of aerial warfare tools. They also have an Operation Technology department that invents and develops cutting edge technology for field operatives.

The combination of ACA with Bravo 7 creates a formidable force that may not be rivaled anywhere.


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