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Catherine Carter Biographics

Catherine Carter (“Cat”)

  • A powerful, tall, African American woman, Catherine Carter is FBI black ops Bravo 7’s Division Head and is the FBI liaison to ACA. She is intent on permanently disabling the Alphas. With the help of Hernandez and Red, they create new weapons and tactics to infiltrate and shut ETHOS down. An extremely intelligent woman and a great ally to Omega and her team, Carter is relentless in maintaining her integrity even if no one understands where her moral lines are drawn. Although her loyalties clearly lie in defending the US and its allies, the means for which she is willing to achieve those aims are dubious to the onlooker.
  • One of the first female pilots in the Navy, Carter doesn’t take guff from anyone. She shoots flak instead. A crack shot with a 45 Glock and a B-ball, Carter knows how to play and fight hard. Divorced with a son, Jarred (11), Carter has discovered that all work and all play keeps the all-crying away. Because of her strong personality, Omega and Lina tend to butt heads with her from time-to-time. However, their commitment to similar goals allows them to work out their differences.
  • Catherine is secretly afraid that no one will ever want her after the horrors of her last marriage. In fact, she doesn’t even want her.  She’s glad that Jarred still does. Still, she’s perfected her exterior, and her inner peace is kept by the understanding that no one can crack it.
  • Catherine secretly hopes that there will come a day when enough “bad guys” are killed or put down, that she could actually enjoy life… because right now, life isn’t so enjoyable. Maybe someday…

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