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Chi Biographics

Chi led a difficult life in his early years. Growing up deep in the El Salvadorian drug cartel turf, Chi experienced his family’s demise at the hands of the greedy cartel at the age of 7. The next day, expecting the CIA operatives investigating the scene to have been involved with his parent’s death, Chi attacked and successfully knocked out an operative before the other operatives captured the boy. Wisely, the CIA realized quickly that Chi wasn’t just another Latino boy. It appeared that his family’s close proximity to radioactive waste altered his genetic structure in vitro. Chi, as a result of genetic mutation, had a super-strong muscular system. However, because mutation is rarely positive to an organic structure, Chi is both color blind and has an inability to taste or smell. His neurological issues, however, do not hinder him from being a formidable combatant.

ETHOS was made aware of Chi’s abilities and quickly brought into the fold. Raised with the rest of the primary ETHOS children, Chi developed a mild mannered coping psychology. It’s likely that his memories of his parents’ demise have been blocked out, because his kind way and helping personality give no hint of duplicity or personal pain.

Chi is a general master of weaponry, although he lacks the specialty of his siblings on any given weapon. Still, his ability to do combat with ALL weapons well makes Chi, along with his super-strong physique, a force not to be trifled with.

Chi has no secret fears, and is always looking at the bright side of things. If he had the world his way, he would help everyone be as happy as he is…even though in the back of his mind there’s something not quite right…


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