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Dagger Biographics

Dagger (“Sylvester Erickson”)

  • A master of unique weapons, Dagger’s parents were murdered in front of him by knife wielding gang members when he was a child. He vowed to learn and master every weapon possible. By the age of 19, Dagger had singlehandedly wiped out the entire 18th street gang in South Central Los Angeles, CA. Unfortunately, in his last battle with two heavily armed gang enforcers, Dagger’s right leg was severed from a 10-gauge shotgun blast. Quick reaction saved Dagger’s life as he tied off his severed limb at the hip with twine that happened to be handy. He made quick work of the remaining assailants before he fell into unconsciousness. Local neighbors saved Dagger and brought him emergency medical care. The news of Dagger’s heroism went far and wide in the local Los Angeles area, and he received numerous commendations and awards for his bravery and sacrifice.
  • Word of Dagger’s abilities and courage reached the R & D department of TCG Technologies’ Tactical Biotech Division. Dagger was recruited to be a part of their test program for their new bionic leg, the BL-32c. They surgically removed the rest of his right leg including the entire femur. Because of the extreme stress the BL-32c puts on an operator, they reinforced his pelvis with a titanium mimmetic allow and implanted denser and larger muscle masses on his back and flexors in order to handle the torque of asymmetrical launches. Dagger, ever intent to be the best, became the poster child for TCG Tech’s bionic limb program. Although the BL series was designed specifically for military use, TCG’s marketing department received a welcome boost in sales having a local LA hero walking about normally with one installed.
  • The BL-32c has significant advantages over any other bionic or organic limb in circulation and has nearly limitless applications in the military and, with a stripped down model, in the private sector:
    • Human Contour: Used with “normal” type trousers, the BL-32c appears to the casual observer like a normal organic limb. The design of the device has been enhanced from previous more bulky models to include a more natural aesthetic. Even when worn with tighter garments, the BL-32c has an excellent natural look.
    • Powerful Launching Capability: The BL-32c can propel a 250 lb. operator 30 feet into the air without trouble. Naturally, the operator must have some systemic enhancements in order to prevent lumbar fusion and other traumas that would result in the uninitiated.
    • Superior Deceleration: Able to safely decelerate an operator from a 100 foot fall, the BL-32c has superior stopping power. Using advanced servos that are controlled by the powerful computers onboard, the limb can withstand over 2,000 lbs of pressure. This is the equivalent of over 8 G-Forces on a 200 lb operator. This, of course, is far more than a normal human can withstand erect.
    • Maximum Flexibility and Low-Latency Neurological Connection: With any replacement limb, the most important aspect of its use is how it connects to the operators neurology and reacts to commands. The BL-32c has a superior digital neurological connection to the local nerve fibres of the operator using hardwired ports on the operator’s hip itself. This allows for clean and easy connection and maximizes the life of the connections while creating maximum data flow. The latency of the unit is less than 5 ms. Although the human body’s latency to its outer limbs is in the 300 microsecond range, operators of the BL-32c have found that after a few short hours of use, they have no sense of lethargy or slow responses with the unit. Also, the BL-32c acts exactly as the operator’s own leg does in terms of flexibility and motion. This completely removes the need for costly additional training. Within hours, the operator has a general mastery of every-day use of the limb.
    • Abundant Storage Capacity: The BL-32c has an expanded onboard storage capacity. Boasting 5 knife-type compartments, 3 blunt-force weapon compartments, 1 automatic pistol area, 4 ammunition caches, 1 demolition/munitions storage container (hardened from EMP) and additional storage for option upgrades. The BL–32c is, of course, completely water-tight down to 200 ft, and air-tight.
    • Upgrade and Repair by Operator In-Field: The vast majority of bionic limbs are organic. Although they have distinct advantages, one of the most serious drawbacks is their inability to be repaired or upgraded by the operator in the field. With a mechanical bio-limb that is not permanently attached to an operator, the operator, while conscious and mid-mission, can easily download upgrades or install hardware retrofits and repair. Using tools that are available at any store anywhere. The user-serviceable portion of the BL-32c was fashioned after the novel designs of the now destroyed Apple Computer and Steve Jobs. Thus, installation and repair on the BL-32c take little training and can be done intuitively. Upgrades include mini-guns, additional storage, grenade launcher, laser cutter, 10-gauge shot gun and all rounds (tear gass, solid, double-eye buck, bird, poison, napalm etc), communications package and more. All upgrades are modular and are user exchangeable within minutes.
    • Low-Cost: Unlike other units that cost near-billions of dollars or organic units which, although cheaper in materials, take several expensive surgical procedures to install, the BL-32c takes a single surgery for the operator in order to strengthen rest of the operators physical system (required for any limb regardless of make) and solidify the neurological ports and the leg’s connection to the host itself. Once done, no more training or surgeries are required. The cost of the unit remains competitive.
  • After several years of serving in TCG’s Marketing Department, Dagger was approached by the Continental Courier Company, where he was surgically fitted with a memory implant and he began work with the blessing and watchful eye of TCG. He subsequently worked for the CCC for five years until the demise of it’s CEO Carl Venture. He was quickly hired by the Alpha Courier Alliance.
  • Daggers favorite weapon is his self-designed “Kintano.” A cross between a Bo staff and cross sectional staff, the Kinto can telescope into a unit barely large than a fist. With a click of a button, however, the Kintano instantly shoots into a bo-length weapon that can deal swift pain and unconsciousness to any that are struck by it.
  • Dagger is also a health food nut who prides himself on eating things that taste and smell bad enough to offend everyone. He wishes he could love, but there’s always something getting in the way of him opening up. Fortunately, he’s a quick wit, and loves a good prank. His favorite weapon is anything that makes a good sound when it hits a skull.
  • Dagger is secretly afraid that there is someone who is better than he is. Someone who will disable him and make him watch as they hurt those he’s trying to love.
  • Dagger secretly hopes that he can get enough money to settle down in some nice place where he doesn’t have to worry about defending himself…but he doesn’t believe it’s possible. He’d also like a no-holds-barred sparring match with John Rutgers.

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