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Data Implants – Tech

4-3 16-21-31Because of the systemic and holistic nature of the Hacker War created by Ibrahim Anwar, it is no longer possible to transfer confidential data across any distance digitally. As a result couriers must hand carry data from place to place in order to avoid any data deterioration or security breaches. Although literally “hand carrying” data is not practical, most couriers are fitted with data implants of various forms or another. Although very few couriers have the ability to access the human biology’s holographic cellular storage abilities, several affordable wet-ware implants are available.

HISTORY  Beginning in 2018, Intel began creating wetware protocols and Solid State Drive (SSD) technology to be implanted into soldiers and spies. Although primitive, the wild success of the devices rendered wet-ware a global phenomenon where large masses of population centers had such devices installed. Although the surgical procedure was fairly invasive, the healing time was up to three months as the fascia of the skull became used to a micro-SSD drive implant. The benefit, of course, was that with a low five-figure dollar investment, individuals could store terabytes of information on their person with access to it via simple electro-impulse access to their PDA or smart phone. Electrical impulses of the nervous system would automatically transfer the information from the implant down the nervous system to and from the finger tips. Working in tandem with the now defunct Apple Computer allowed formerly touch-screen-only interfaces to become bio-data ports for this information as it was transferred between wet-ware and PDA/Smart Phone hardware. Basically, the moment a user touched their iPad screen, their implant was able to transfer data to and from the device.

Unfortunately, these developments happened during the middle of the Hacker War, and, while data security was of primary concern, what the designers of these early wet-ware prototypes didn’t realize the hackers’ true intention for the technology. Both Intel and Apple were ecstatic that their proprietary data security measures were keeping the hackers from destroying their work on wet-ware implants – which had not been the case for their other product releases. What the mega-corps didn’t realize was that Anwar and the hacker cells devised counter-technology to not only hack into the wet-ware SSD drives in users via their smart devices, but also, using satellite beamed micro-waves, override the consciousness of the user and control their actions. Bypassing the corps security protocols and going directly into the biology of the users, thousands upon thousands of unwitting suicide bombers demolished a sizeable portion of Western infrastructure and government in 2019 because of the wet-ware “brain-jack.”

Quickly made illegal and all users of the devices given free removal/recall by Apple Computer/Intel (which crippled both companies with lawsuits and financial ruin), the populace was thrown into a data dark existence where information transmission was knocked back to the early 20th Century in a world with 21st Century problems.

NEXT GEN IMPLANTS As information couriers became a reality, however, certain para military groups began installing SSD drives into their operatives with a direct connection to the device itself – completely removing any chance of nervous system transmission of the data. Not only did this allow for a faster connection to the wet-ware drive itself, but it also completely removed the chance of any microwave interference, since the balanced impedance direct connection to the drive was 140-bit encrypted at the hardware level. Thus, anyone trying to hack a wet-ware implant would have to do so from the physical input of the courier. The development of Retinal HUD feedback from the device into the users own biological ocular connection allowed the users to know instantaneously if a security breach was occurring and subsequently physically sever the connection with a quick release lever. A simple mental command to erase the drive later, and everything was safe for the user again. After 12 months of testing, the users with the devices installed were 100% brain-jack free.

DATA COMPRESSION The addition of onboard hardware data compression was another development that allowed for additional storage for couriers who, for example, arrive on a drop only to discover that they do not carry enough memory capacity to do the job. However, because of wet-ware biological thermal conditions, highly compressed data only retains its integrity between 24-72 hours depending on the quality of the SSD and the biological installation.

INTERFACE Fortunately for couriers, the para military organization that developed the next-gen wet-ware technologies developed a standard data port interface for all of their products, and later created a black market production arm for the purchase, installation and maintenance of such products and users. Ironically, the government allows these companies to continue, because of the large contracts that the government has with their militia branches. Interestingly, some reports indicate that the creators of this wet-ware technology, now mega-rich, have begun investing in their own courier companies for R & D of their own products and field testing of existing ones. The interface is a simple 1″ circular bayonet mount that is attached towards the base of the skull directly opposite the SSD drive. The interface is capable of a 5 Gb/sec bandwidth (625 MB/sec). The implant and interface are placed at the occipital lobe which also creates the shortest distance for information to travel for operation to and from the brain itself including the ocular/Retinal HUD display.

IMPLEMENTATION & COST Generally, couriers pay between $25,000-$75,000 for purchase, installation and annual checkup for 5 years. Most working couriers find that they can pay this back within a year of active work. Some couriers have discovered that they can use the SSD devices to reverse-record images from their retinas into the device for the purposes of spy-work and or evidence recording, although no such records have been allowed as evidence in legal proceedings as yet.


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