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Dr. Alex Hernandez – Biographics

Dr. Alex Hernandez (“Nandez”)

  • Late 40s, short, Mexican accent, and girl crazy (and married), Op Tech agent and former Los Angeles “crip” member Hernandez works closely with Catherine Carter, head of the FBI black ops division “Bravo 7.”  Hernandez was nearly killed several times by gang wars and violence growing up in South Central Los Angeles. But when his older brother was shot and narrowly escaped death, he realized the futility of fighting his own kind. He made a vow to “take care of his own” in any way he could.
  • He received a scholarship to USC science school where his determination more than his intelligence granted him the Suma Cum Laude status of his class. Working for JPL, the FBI discovered him from his work on the super secret HK (Hunter Killer) satellite project. They hired him as a junior Op Tech agent. Very quickly, the FBI realized that they had a virtuoso on their hands. Within 6 months, Hernandez was a Chief Op Tech designer.
  • He designed many of the weapons used by the infantry of the armed services of NATO nations. Hernandez has a wife and family of 5 children who have little idea that he works for Bravo 7. They only know that he “makes things” for the government. He loves his wife “Judy,” but many are the days that he comes to work wishing he were single. Hernandez has never seen a carne asada burrito, pair of legs in a skirt, a 350 big block chevy engine, or a series of micro-fribrous nanometrically synchronized uranium particle accelerators that he didn’t like.
  • Dr. Hernandez is afraid that his work will harm his family. He is also afraid that they’ll discover his real job (making weapons) and leave him. He is further afraid that he might not be smart enough to protect his “posse” of agents for the next mission they’ll be on…he’s lost too many friends already.

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