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Dr. Roy Marcus – Biographics

  • 60s, grey, kind eyes, and possessing a quick wit, Dr. Marcus is an opportunist with a genius geneticist mind. He has cared for Omega longer than anyone in her life, and he loves her dearly. However, he never confuses his feelings with his commitment to his employers or himself.
  • Roy’s wife, Suzanne, while carrying their unborn daughter, was killed two years after they were married. Unable to deal with the pain of his loss, he threw himself into his work. Geneticist, research analyst, and strategist, Marcus is able to handle himself in nearly any of the Defense Department’s programs. However, Marcus’ true loyalties lie elsewhere with his mysterious benefactors. Still, Marcus has worked for Rev. Dr. Michael Bertrand for decades creating the Alphas, their interface with the ETHOS children, and his “magnum opus,” the mandlebrot recursive bi-dimentional array encryption for the Alpha’s “start up code.”  Stating that his is Omega 1′s “uncle,” he insured that she got the best teachers and training in addition to the best opportunities while at ETHOS.  He was the father Omega never had. Marcus has also designed and implemented the security systems at ETHOS. Marcus, having a keen understanding of both FBI and ETHOS tactics has a giant competitive advantage over any individual from either organization. He can infiltrate and egress from even ACA headquarters with impunity. Although he appears to be an individual that has Omega’s best interests at heart, his lack of allegiance to any side makes him suspect.
  • Dr. Roy Marcus is also a crack shot with just about any slug throwing weapon. His handling of a long piece of wood (or a Bo) is nothing to be trifled with as well.
  • Dr. Marcus is secretly afraid that his wife’s death was his fault…that there was something he could have done. He is terribly afraid that his life will never again be happy. His only recompense is seeing Omega’s face and throwing his love for Suzanne and his unborn daughter onto her.
  • He secretly hopes that there is something, somewhere, some place where he can again be as happy as he once was…but this time he’ll have to do it without his wife. Perhaps in the Oriental Sea



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