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Epsilon Biographics

  • Taken from her family in China at six years old after she was discovered to possess an oddly ideal genetic makeup, Epsilon was raised, like the rest of the children, at ETHOS. Quickly she demonstrated powerful abilities and was placed in the “A” level Operative team in the hopes that she might develop enough to be the programmer of the Alphas, or a “1.” While she is a completely lethal warrior, she’s no match for her teammate Sigma or her former teammate Omega 1.
  • She’s a no-nonsense operative who loves to follow the letter-of-the-law. She has little room for grey in her black-and-white life. She’s become a master of marshalling her feelings…because they swing so widely for her. Few know that she secretly suffers from depression and loneliness. Of the first ETHOS children, she is certainly the most disconnected. However, her pride in her unmatched ability to pour fire onto multiple targets from duel-held firearms while performing acrobatic evasion maneuvers in the mul-ga-chi style of bullet avoidance, and her ability to rival most scientific calculators’ abilities to solve formulas, Epsilon is no hampered warrior.
  • Epsilon is secretly afraid that her excellence in battle will disallow her to ever find love. In fact, she is torn from the paradox that to have love is to have vulnerability, but to not have love is to be hollow.
  • Epsilon secretly hopes that she’ll be able to find a life within ETHOS that is safe, protected, filled with love and fulfilling. But she feels nothing for anyone there…not even her fellow operatives Tau, Sigma, Chi…but she does find that she misses Omega…which shames her.

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