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ETHOS Biographics

  • Otherwise known as Experimental Training Habitat and Ordinance Syndicate, ETHOS was created and built in a secluded portion of the West Coast of California by Rev. Dr. Michael Bertrand and Dr. Quentin Leeds. Its charter is to develop new human genetic research and experiments for the United Nations. It is designed around a construct that brings in “potential” children and teens, trains them, alters their genetic structures, and places them into ETHOS agency service as “operatives.” ETHOS utilized the intelligence from the CIA and other international agencies to find the children. Predominantly, the children were abducted by CIA operations and ferried to ETHOS. Currently, the main training facility for ETHOS is outside Arlington, VA.
  • The elite of the potentials are used as “source” genetic information for the Alphas – genetically enhanced human agents controlled by ETHOS. The first “potential”  is Omega 1. Given Greek letters as names, potentials only receive a number after their name when they are allowed to contribute genetically to the Alphas.
  • Bertrand lied to the United Nations and intends on using the Alphas for his own purposes of global domination. He as furthermore sold the Alphas to both third world countries and crime syndicates and has an unknown number of Alphas being developed all around the globe at the expense of those entities. However, he has lied to them as well, since once the Alphas come online, they will become controlled by ETHOS exclusively. Bertrand is playing both sides agailynst the middle, and, in fact, the true purpose of ETHOS, as far as Bertrand is concerned, is to remove the scourge of the hackers and bring the world under a new more abundant rule: his rule. With the Alphas as his weapon, there is only the courier companies to stop him, and given that it takes two or three fully trained operatives to handle one Alpha, the odds of the private sector uniting to vanquish ETHOS is nonexistent.
  • ETHOS has proprietary technology that it uses to implement its aims around the globe in addition to the Alphas and their related technology:
  • ETHOS has 6 hubs around the North American continent: Indio, CA, Olympia, WA, Las Cruces, NM, Calgary, AB, Victoria, BC, Arlington, VA.

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