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Holographic Storage – Tech

3-5 16-21-31Because of the systemic and holistic nature of the Hacker War created by Ibrahim Anwar, it is no longer possible to transfer confidential data across any distance digitally. As a result couriers must hand carry data from place to place in order to avoid any data deterioration or security breaches. Although literally “hand carrying” data is not practical, most couriers are fitted with data implants of various forms or another. Although very few couriers have wet-ware data implants for storage, in rare cases, some operatives have the ability access their biological holographic storage ability.

HISTORY For hundreds of years, it was understood that human memory resided completely in the brain. However, in 2001, after clinical tests and some striking results in the law enforcement field after heart transplants recipients began experiencing the same memories as their brutally raped and murdered donors, it became clear: memory is stored throughout the body holistically and holographically at the cellular level.

Taking advantage of this discovery ETHOS and several other para military groups developed means to store hundreds of terabytes of digital data throughout the body. The benefits of this are multi-facedted: no invasive implant surgeries or hardware cost, the user has no access to the nature of the data itself, no data integrity half-life (the data doesn’t degrade over time), no ability for any hacking to occur since the data remains in a digital “stasis” while stored throughout the user’s biology, easy and secure erase of the data using passcoded commands, passcoded commands cannot be counterfeit and only the receiving client may unlock the data and the data can be retrieved after massive trauma to the courier including death.

The downside of this storage is the extensive amount of training that is required by the courier. Typically 6 months to a year of intensive memorization and recall training is required to have the 5-sensory courier “realign” the input of data into subconscious hollographic cellular storage and recall. This is typically done via the “memory kata” and the “recall kata.”

TRAINING & PROTOCOL The holographic storage courier (HCS) is trained in certain physical movements which allow for a quick and powerful Alpha mental state. While in this state, data is “memorized” throughout the body by means of the 5 senses (as allowed by the data to be memorized) in a “photographic memory” type of fashion. Although the amount of data stored can be in the hundreds of Gigabits a second, the physical movements and “key codes” that the courier performs and utters while memorizing the data are also stored with the data in order to create memory “blocks.” Once a block is filled, a new block is formed. Each block cannot be accessed without the physical movements and “key codes” being repeated. Depending on the density of the data (compression) and file count, blocks may be larg or small and number of key codes increased or decreased.

RECALL Once the final destination drop is reached, the courier begins a “recall kata” which entails going backwards through the “memorization kata” to “recall” the data. Depending on the medium for retrieval the data can be collected via molecular dialysis machines (which pulls the memory from the cells themselves by circulating the blood of the courier via forearm intravenus connection) or even having the data come into the consciousness of the courier herself and, thus, the courier completes the drop by typing, writing, or oral recitation of the data. Combinations of these recall protocols are also performed to achieve maximum encryption and maximum storage. Although in the latter case, the time required to store and recall the data may be prohibitive.

SIMPLE MISSIONS Simple recall of small data strings (up to 20 kilobytes or so) can be achieved without dense cellular storage whereas the courier inputs data visually/orally via memorization kata and recites or types/writes the data to the end recipient. This method is considered superlative for the small data delivery jobs, since the time and expense in doing a full cellular recall dialysis can be prohibitive and unnecessary.

DATA INTEGRITY in the COMPROMISED COURIER Because there is no hardware/wet-ware to damage in the holographic cellular storage courier, no amount of trauma to the user will damage the integrity of the data. Severed limbs, lethal brain damage, suffocation and even significant burning of the courier will still find a return of the data with 100% integrity. As long as at least 2 liters of blood are available to be placed through data dialysis machines, the information is not lost. However, it may not be retrieved unless the key codes are input into a living subject with the blood in their veins. Because of this, most HCS couriers are “o negative” blood type so that, after expiry, their blood may be mixed with a living HCS courier and the data can still be delivered.

STORAGE CAPACITIES Data storage capacities range depending on the size of the courier and the couriers skill. However, modest estimates place the master of the holographic cellular storage in the .2 -.5 pedabit range.

In comparison to the standard wet-ware data implants used by most couriers, the ability to have 100% secure data transmission at hundreds of times the capacity of the wet-ware counterpart vastly outweigh the loss in time and courier exposure to hazards.


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