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Ibrahim Anwar Biographics

  • Mid 40’s, distinguished, Middle-Eastern techno-guru. At an early age, Ibrahim found his way to the identity-theft farms in Kenya. There he quickly distinguished himself as a master code hacker. Working his way through the ranks he was given command of his own hacker cell. Having seen his parents’ lives and dreams subdued and dissolved by the UN, Ibrahim set out to repay the “corrupt” organization. Using his cell as a weapon, he successfully targeted the heads of the United Nations, stole their funds, ruined their credit and placed commercial liens from anonymous sources on all of their assets – essentially killing them financially.
  • Discovering that this kind of terrorism was possible, he forcefully took over the rest of the Kenyan and East African hacker cells and united them under his rule. Training them in his quick-improvisational skill at hacking into secure servers, he began hijacking secure information all around the net. Amassing a huge impenetrable wealth, he created cells all around the globe equipped with the fastest computers and widest bandwidth available. From there, his organization began stealing secrets from all NATO governments and high-level business and selling them on the open market in addition to inhibiting government IPs from being able to send any data.
  • Panicked, the governments of the world launched a full-scale search and destroy mandate against Ibrahim and his cells, but thanks to his ability to control their information and his technology called a “particle curtain,” Anwar’s cells were never penetrated. The conflict became known as the “Hacker War” and was considered World War III, since its results were the destruction of nearly every major metropolis’ economy on the planet. It also saw the downfall of Intel and Apple Computers along with the third nuclear weapon ever used by the United States in anger on a hacker cell in Alberta, Canada. Unfortunately for the US and Canada, the particle curtain protecting the cell easily diffused the pressure wave and heat of the blast and the cell was unscathed.
  • For five years the war raged until ETHOS operatives infiltrated and apprehended Ibrahim. Even though the head of the snake was cut off, the hacker cells continued their looting of informational commerce, and courier companies must transmit sensitive data in person.
  • Ibrahim is the distant cousin of Omega 1.
  • Ibrahim is secretly afraid that no one will know his name when he dies. He is also secretly afraid that he won’t be able to have Omega 1 as his wife in the new world order that is to come.
  • Ibrahim secretly hopes that Omega 1 will love him willfully without him having to alter her consciousness to do so.

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