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Ioane & Rodica Vasile – Biographics

9-4Very little is known about the Vasiles. What is known comes from CIA and NATO operatives in the field rather than from any official record. Both Ioane and Rodica were born and raised in Brasov, Romania. Geniuses in their respective fields of biology, genetics and Neuro linguistic programming, they rose quickly through the ranks having developed a taste for politics. However, it appears that in the early 1990s, the Romanian political system, addicted to its post revolutionary nepotism, despised the progressive ideas of the Vasiles and they were shunned.

The Vasiles then created their own biotech company and use the vast resources of the Romanian forest land to harvest pharmaceuticals for Western powers.

Tragedy struck the Vasiles when their daughter was abducted at the age of 5 years old from the streets of Brasov, one Megan Vasile. Their only child, they were thrown into deep depression, and they vanished from public life altogether. Since Megan’s abduction (presumed dead) in 1997, no one has had any contact with the pair. It is presumed that they took their money and secluded themselves into hiding.

Their biotech companies continue to manufacture and grow medicines for the world.

The Vasiles are considered docile people who have kept to themselves and who have no influence or interest in the governmental or political goings on of the globe.


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