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John Rutgers

  • Rutgers is a highly trained special ops weapons and martial arts master. Trained by six different masters in martial arts and combat, he is one of the most deadly and well-trained assassins in the world. Upon his parents’ death in a car crash at age four, he was sent to live with his Aunt in Japan. Later, they moved to China. In China, he learned the bulk of his martial art prowess from an aged Korean master who fought for the North Koreans during the Korean conflict. Master Chong is responsible for perfecting the Mul Ga-Chi style of fighting and arrow avoidance derived from the Wa Dong Do brotherhood.
  • Years later, Master Chong was murdered by a Communist raiding party after the Chinese government discovered he was training a seperatist democratic militia. His murder took place while John was on a mission for the United States Marines Force Recon. After completing his mission, John commandeered a plane and went to his master’s home (which nearly got him court-martialed). He arrived two days after the raid whereupon John came upon hundreds of dead Chinese soldiers obviously dispatched by the aged master. But the damage was done, and Master Chung, lay dead with several bullet wounds. John was emotionally broken.
  • Later, after a failed Force Recon operation behind North Korean lines, the US disavowed Rutgers. Following his escape from ironic North Korean internment, John became the faceless international assassin known as “OpSo” (“doesn’t exist” in Korean). Years later, the Black Ops branch of the United Nations “Green Spear” granted him a regular assassin contract. He regularly (and cringingly) worked for Quentin Leeds as a for-hire assassin.
  • When ETHOS was created, the UN wasted no time in assigning John to what he called “babysitting” duty. While training the children of ETHOS in cutting edge forms of combat, he became taken with Omega. As he watched her grow into a beautiful young woman, his heart fell for her. However, his training and professionalism kept him at an emotional distance. He taught her the art of Mul Ga-Chi. With her superior speed, she perfected it into a skill that no one had ever seen before.
  • John has, most recently, allied himself with Dr. Roy Marcus in trying to secretly undermine the even plots of Rev. Dr. Michael Bertrand at ETHOS.
  • John is secretly afraid that he’ll die alone without ever having given his heart to anyone. He also is afraid of losing those he would love, and so he has committed to never loving anyone…a brutal paradox.
  • John secretly hopes beyond hope that somehow he and Omega can be together…and go away from this life of killing and strife. But he knows it’s not possible. Besides, she would never love him anyway…

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