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Lina Biographics

Lina (“Lina Pettigrew”)

  • Growing up with her single mother in Sydney, Australia, Lina was different. Descending from a long line of respected psychics and metaphysics, she is an energy medium: she can manipulate and be hyper-sensitive to energy. The energies she can discern include: life energy, multi-dimensional fields, electricity, electro-magnetic energy, and pheromonal energies. As a little girl, she was heavily bullied. Her ability to manipulate her foes was her only line of defense. She had no understanding of what she was doing at the time, and because of her heritage, it came naturally. She was ultimately trained in the arts of body language and physio-psychiatric manipulation.
  • These skills in addition to her energy manipulation abilities make her a master infiltrator. Now, in her mid-late 30s, she can influence anyone to do almost anything. She can know a person’s flaws and insecurities in seconds. She then can use this knowledge to further interrogate or manipulate them…all with the individual’s consent. She’s been secretly working on manipulating energy of all kinds and bending “her will to it…”
  • Lina is terribly weak at resisting chocolate and ice cream. However, her provocative figure and swank clothes wouldn’t reveal it. When push comes to shove, Lina pulls out her wrist spring-loaded taser. Its bolts of electricity leap out 6 feet. However, no one is really sure if it is the taser or Lina making the charge extend that far. Lina, like Dagger, has a memory implant for the information that she carries as a courier. Lina worked at the Continental Courier Company for 3 years before it was dissolved.
  • Recently, there was an incident where Lina was able to send back the electricity that was sent into her by a gun-fired tazer, and she electrocuted the assailant. This put serious concern in the minds of her fellow ACA members as to what she isn’t telling them – and what she is really able to do.
  • Lina is secretly afraid that she might lose her abilities or worse yet, that someone somewhere will know what she’s thinking and expose the fact that she’s frightened of everyone.
  • Lina is secretly hoping to find someone that she can truly trust so she can finally feel safe and cared for. But the chances of that happening are nil, since she can sense everyone’s feelings…and in her circle of friends, the feelings she senses aren’t very trustworthy.

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