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MFTs (Magnetic Field Throwers) – Tech

OMEGA ONE 1 13Implanted in all of the children raised at ETHOS, Magnetic Field Throwers or “MFTs” as they are called, allow the user to draw magnetized metallic objects. Or, if the object in question is immobile, the result will be that the user will be drawn to the object.

IMPLANTATION Using an advanced biological surgical implantation technique that allows for a limited loss of blood and a 6 week healing time, the MFT, designed exclusively at ETHOS, is screwed into the user’s radius and ulna using titanium screws, straddling the bones just above the wrist. The units are only 6″ in length and allow for a strengthening of the forearm bones and limited bone “flex,” since the units’ frame is built from titanium.

NEUROLOGICAL CONNECTION The nervous connection from the brain to the device, when connected to many nervous connections instead of a few, nearly removes any perceived operator-to-device neuro-latency when activation is demanded by the brain. As a result, passive basilical-crystalized-iodine diodes are used to connect to the lateral, dorsal and medial antibrachial cutaneous nerves.  However, autonomic responses (such as the “hand” pulling itself away from a hot pan) needed to also be factored into the device, thus, the addition of active connections to the Ulnar and Radial nerves were created. This quintuple connection renders the user able to have autonomic reactions activate and deactivate the device before signals reach the brain.

For example: in the case of a user unknowingly drawing a hot pan to the hand, the autonomic response of the hand pulling away would not render the user safe from burning, since the engaged MFT would still be solidly holding the pan to the hand. With the addition of the Ulnar/Radial connection, all autonomic responses toggle the MFT on/off status. Of course, with such an integrated nervous connection to the brain, users tend to find a speedy mastery of the neurological stimuli required to activate/deactivate/power control/beam width within two weeks following healing.

SPECIFICATIONS The power of the units are tailored to the user’s skeletal makeup and strength, since the stress of the MFT is directed solely on the user’s arms. Generally, the formula is MFT Force (lbs) = User’s Weight (lbs) X ulnar+radial bone density (1 being 1″ nominal) X .9. Thus, if a 150 lb user has a combined bone density (between ulna and radius) of .9 inches, the maximum output of one of her MFTs is 150 X .9 X .9 = 121.5 lbs. To exceed this power would be to risk critical bone fracture and structural damage to the user. Combined as two MFTs (one per arm), this user could draw with ease a 240 lb man if given sufficient leverage or, conversely, levitate herself and accelerate upwards with great velocity (given an immobile source overhead). Naturally, the larger the user the more powerful the MFT that can be installed.

The reach of the units have a 1000 meter half-power fall off. Thus, her 243 lb output falls to 121.5 at 1000 yards and 61.25 lbs at 2000 yards etc. MFTs have a maximum beam focus effectiveness (BFE) of 1 meter, however, the user can focus the beam narrower and create a more powerful pull on a small area. For example, the user can narrow the beam from 1 meter to 1 inch and potentially cut steel (at a relative power of 250,000 lbs @ 1′ distance). Much like sunlight in a magnifying glass, the focusing of the beam creates a geometric force multiplier. Minimum BFE has been known to be as small as 5 millimeters by skilled operators which will easily pull chunks from a diamond and the hardest earth ores.

The units are powered by an advanced method of multi-angle perpetual motion devices. Instead of using batteries which decay and, if ruptured, could compromise the user’s health, the “weights” that oscillate as the user moves their arms are actually magnetized deuterium that can receive and store charge safely for up to 48 hours. The deuterium is contained in circling wheel-like pendulums that holds two small reservoirs of the liquid on either side in the shape of an hour-glass. As the user moves, the two charged reservoirs rotate and create charge that is then stored in the deuterium itself creating even more charge. Thus, the more the user moves, the more it charges. A user need only shake their arms in an up-down motion for 5 minutes to take their MFTs from a zero charge to 100%. A 100% charge can create a 100% strength beam for  90 seconds without recharge. However, the user, while the MFT is engaged, can move their arms and create an extended run-time for the units on a single charge.

TRAINING Training in the art of using the MFT is not a simple task, as there is more involved with positioning the body so that the user’s structure can support the many-vectored pulls that are required to be a master of the MFT. Moreover, mastering the mechanism and its initial phantom signals to the brain can create discomfort for the user.

During the first few weeks of training users are tranquilized to sleep, since, until the device is mastered, alpha and theta brain wave states can easily cause the device to initialize and narrow its beam causing serious damage to the user and his surroundings while unconscious.


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