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Omega 1 Biographics

Omega 1 (“Meg,” “Megan Vasile”)

  • From birth, Omega 1, now 31 years old, beautiful, athletic, witty, and self reliant, was a special and gifted child. Born in Brasov, Romania, Omega lived anything but the life of a normal youngster. Her parents, Ioan and Rodica Vasile, gave her every sort of mind puzzle to enhance her virtuosic mental abilities. Moreover, they turned hand-to-hand combat training into a game that Omega loved to play. By the time she was five years old, she could reasonably defend herself against adults long enough to egress from nearly any dangerous situation.
  • Unfortunately, the CIA learned of Omega’s near perfect genetic structure, and she was abducted by the US organization from the streets of Brasov shortly thereafter. She was housed at the ETHOS 6 compound outside of Arlington, VA.  At ETHOS, her new life included subtle genetic manipulation, extraordinary physical and mental training, and top-notch martial art and physical defense training. ETHOS operatives regularly tested all of their boarded children hoping to discover genetic improvement. The most evolved child would become the genetic “template” or “source” for the new “super agents” of the United Nations called “Alphas.” These Alphas were normal adult “volunteers” who would eventually have their genetic codes and anatomies altered in order to be the next generation super agents/weapons. They would be altered in deference to the “source child’s” genes and DNA. Omega fell under the care of Dr. Roy Marcus. She quickly became his favorite child at ETHOS. He treated her like the daughter that he never had. Her combat trainer, John Rutgers, was thrilled when Omega perfected the ancient art of Mul Ga-Chi.
  • Because of her fast working mind, which processed information at incredible speed, Omega easily excelled in all the areas ETHOS was hoping she would: physical combat, mental agility, problem solving, languages, and memorization. Like the other ETHOS potentials, Omega was surgically fitted with bionic Magnetic Field Throwers (MFTs) in her forearms. These devices, controlled by impulses from her brain, allowed her to draw steel and other metallic items towards her. Two MFTs together can draw up to 235 lbs, although the human skeletal structure would have great difficulty handling that kind of strain.
  • Eventually, having been chosen by Dr. Bertrand to be the source for the Alphas, Omega received her “1” status: the first Omega to be a “source.”  Soon after, Omega was smuggled out of ETHOS by Dr. Marcus. He erased her memory of all the circumstances surrounding ETHOS (which includes most of her childhood). With her memory gone a confused Omega finds her way into the post Hacker-War’s finest Courier Company, the “Alpha Courier Alliance” (ACA). Because Omega has no memory implant, her in-depth tactical holographic memory abilities proved to be invaluable for the ACA team. Omega has befriended her new cohorts at ACA, but she doesn’t fully trust them…since she hardly trusts herself. When confronted, Omega’s training kicks in – almost in spite of her conscious mind – leaving her aloof in certain respects as she powerfully vanquishes foes automatically. Until Omega can come to grips with her past and her relationships with Marcus, Bertrand, Rutgers and the ETHOS children, she will never trust anyone fully.
  • Omega secretly hopes that she can find peace in her past. That someday it will all make sense. For the life that she can remember (past few months), she has been in inner turmoil. She is afraid that what caused her to lose her family and memory will happen again…leaving her to haplessly start the process all over again.

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