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Red Biographics

“Red” (Pourick Godfried III)

  • Red, chose his name, because he realized that all of his favorite super heroes wore red…and also that the name Pourick was only going to get him further teasing. Early 30s, funny, somewhat aloof, and extremely focused, Red used to work at Continental Courier Company as the dispatcher. He’s exceptional at understanding technology and communications. His IQ is near 190, and he can write, rework or break into any software that is manmade. A kid genius all the way, he used to help the FBI crack codes for the military. He is now an adult genius with a witty sense of humor and a kind smile. Red now runs the dispatch at ACA and through his genius has saved the lives of every operative he works with.
  • Red loves Twinkies, Pop Tarts, and Hot Pockets. He’s not fat, he’s just got “a high metabolism.” Also an extremely knowledgeable amateur physicist, Red loves getting his “hands dirty” designing cool gadgets. But he’s no “Q,” and he wishes he could make something really amazing that changed the way the world thought about their every day lives. When pressed, Red happens to be a crack shot with a hyper-tension-multiplexing compound bow and arrow. A weapon that, of course, he designed, and the FBI stole and made a version of their own.
  • Red is secretly afraid that he’ll never matter to anyone. As a result, he does everything he can to be helpful and resourceful. Additionally, his fear of being rejected disallows him to speak easily about his feelings when he is troubled.

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