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Rev. Dr. Michael Bertrand Biographics

  • Tall, muscular, long hair, and always spouting spiritual-speak, late fifties, Rev. Dr. Michael Bertrand is an anathema of existence. Both a genius and a fiend, a talker and a fighter, Bertrand knows what he wants, and doesn’t give up until he has acquired it.
  • Born in the United States and raised by a wealthy family in London, England, Michael always had a knack for acquiring new, expensive toys. Taking to spirituality and religion as a boy, he developed a powerful ability to synthesize spiritual beliefs into humanistic axioms. At 19, he spent three years in China perfecting the art of sword fighting as well as the art of Eastern meditation and doctrine. Upon his return, he completed a divinity degree in Berlin, Germany.  At 25, this degree and his winning charm gave him the clout to be able to lecture throughout Europe and create quite a following…with the aristocratic rich. With these connections, Bertrand was easily able to see the power-side of global politics and money. Seeing himself as far superior to any of his colleagues, he systematically created a plan to turn the world into a nirvana of peace, spirituality and tranquility. Tragically, his parents’ life were cut short when they died in a boating accident off the Mediterranean Sea when he was 26. The family estate (predominantly invested in energy) worth $90 billion plus, was bequeathed to him. With money and clout on his side, he devoted himself to the study of his new double emphasis Doctoral degree in Neurology and Physics.
  • Along with his childhood friend Quentin Leeds, the two developed the biological technology needed to begin turning Bertrand’s theories into application. Against the wishes of Leeds, Bertrand allied himself with the United Nations. He created an organization that would see to the realization of his dreams: ETHOS.
  • Bertrand built it from the ground up with as much UN money as possible. ETHOS is a super secret organization that nurtures and creates the most genetically perfect human beings on earth. Bertrand assembled a “dream team” of minds and talent to develop these new technologies. Bertrand searched the globe for children that were genetically superior to the general population. He brought them to ETHOS and boarded them there. Once comfortable in their new surroundings, their education, physical training, and genetic alterations begin. Unable to stomach UN involvement, a livid Leeds left Bertrand and vowed to ruin him.
  • Unhindered by Leeds’ departure, Bertrand completed development on the perfect blend of scientific discovery and toys-for-boys fun, the Alphas: genetically “bettered” humans that could be remotely controlled from ETHOS. Their primary missions would include: green and black ops, recon missions, and intelligence gathering. With their enhanced strength and speed, they would be nearly unstoppable. The UN, once aware of the Alphas’ existence, demanded that they receive multiple orders of them immediately. However, seeing their fiscal value, Bertrand devised a plan where he could sell them to other governments and double-cross the UN.
  • Bertrand’s ultimate goal is to better society through better leadership…his leadership. Since he has always had trouble relating to females, he decided to build the perfect female (Alphas) that could be controlled (as he had always wanted to love/dominate women). Bertrand, needing the best geneticist in the world, hired Dr. Roy Marcus to head the Alpha project. He was also tasked with raising and instructing the ETHOS children who would eventually serve as “source” genetic code for the Alphas. When Omega was found as a little girl, Bertrand immediately saw her potential and watched her closely, until he realized that she was the perfect blend of intelligence, genetic purity, physical prowess, and adaptability. She became the first “1″ to train the Alphas.
  • Bertrand hopes for a world where women are easy to manage, God dwells among a righteous population, and he is revered as the hero of mankind.
  • Bertrand’s secret fears include dying unremembered, making no impact on the world and of being ridiculed.

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