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Sigma (1) Biographics

  • A 30 year old beautiful blonde woman from T’ver, Russian Federation, Sigma was passed over by Dr. Bertrand as the first potential to contribute to the Alphas. She watched in utter bitterness and jealousy as Omega received her “1” status (and diamond 1 necklace) and was able to implant her genetic information and combat skills into ETHOS’ prized possessions. Although she and Omega were not close friends growing up at ETHOS, they became bitter enemies following Omega receiving her “1” status. However, following Omega’s escape from the ETHOS facility, Bertrand gave Sigma the privilege of programming the Alphas further with her own combat skills and genetic makeup. She was thrilled on the day that she received her new name: “Sigma 1:” the first Sigma to program the Alphas. Sent on mission after mission against ACA, Sigma’s loyalties powerfully lie with ETHOS.
  • Bertrand has used her hatred and jealousy of Omega to keep both she and the other potentials under his wing. Sigma is tremendously acrobatic and a master of the Chinese arts of pressure points and paralysis strikes. She is also a crack shot with any handgun with a barrel longer than 5 inches and is nearly as good as Omega 1 with a katana. Thus, she carries some mean guns. Sigma is regularly paired with Tau on missions, since his even-keel demeanor is a perfect match for her high-strung ways. Sigma’s parents were murdered by Quentin Leeds when they wouldn’t allow him to take Sigma into his fold in Greenland. Because they chose ETHOS instead of Leeds’ program, he had them killed. However, Bertrand and John Rutgers were able to arrive and save Sigma at the last moment.
  • Sigma secretly hopes to be the best operative there is…but it will require killing Omega, and that possibility seems somewhat remote. But with the right amount of cunning and underhandedness, Sigma will eventually become not just Sigma 1, but “Number 1.”

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