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Tau Biographics

  • Tau is a giant, Hawaiian, tattooed, 28 year old hunk of muscle. His genetic alterations caused him to “bulk up” tremendously. As the only male “potential” at ETHOS, he always got special treatment. He knew that he would never be chosento be a contributor to the Alphas, because his genes are substantially different from needed for the Alphas (female genes).
  • When he asked why he was chosen to be a “potential,” he was always told, “Someone had to look after all these girls.” As a result, he invested himself in the wisdom and knowledge of Dr. Bertrand and Dr. Marcus. Tau is a generally peaceful easy going guy, whose incredible muscular girth glides amazingly and speedily by without the slightest sound. A master infiltrator, Tau has mastered the art of Ninjitsu, and no one is better…save his Sifu John Rutgers who regularly “kills him” in exer
  • cises. Regularly sent out on missions with Sigma, his simple outlook on life is a perfect match for his partner’s high strung demeanor. He sometimes finds his own moral compass to be unaligned with the mission objectives he receives. However, Sigma is convincing, and she usually finds a way to justify his concerns in a way he can agree with. When he doesn’t agree, it gets ugly between them fast…
  • Tau secretly hopes that the world can be a peaceful place for everyone. Even Omega and ACA.
  • Tau is secretly afraid that Bertrand might be wrong about his plans for the world. As a result, he has a strong desire to make sure that the plans for the Alphasare seen through…and he’ll make sure of it.

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