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The Hacker War – Tech

Ibrahim Anwar began his reign of terror as the undisputed dominator of the world in 2017. After acquiring thousands of UN and NATO military codes from illegal and highly virtuosic hacking sessions, Anwar and his plethora of secret hacker “cells” scattered across the globe held corporate and government institutions hostage. In quick retaliation, the UN forces created multinational force attacks on the hacker cells when they could be found, but due to the next-gen implementation of Anwar’s secret weapon: the “particle curtain,” no conventional weapon bombardment had any effect. Infantry and militia attacks were thwarted long before they arrived on the battlefield by hacker cells using the hacked global satellite network to down planes and scuttle ships which transported troops.

By 2019, the U.S. dropped its first nuclear warhead in anger since 1945 on a hacker compound. Outside of Edmonton, AB Canada, a 5 megaton nuclear weapon was deployed, but the particle curtain withstood even a blast of that magnitude. In retaliation, Anwar hacked into the widely popular wet-ware SSD drives that millions had installed in their skulls (designed by Intel and Apple Computer) and took control of their consciousnesses. He turned tens of thousands of military and government officials into suicide bombers and decimated the infrastructure of governments world-wide.

For three years Anwar raged an information and culture war against the people of earth. All national banks were closed, economies collapsed. No information could be transmitted over the internet or even Wide Area Networks without the certainty of it being copied and hacked by hacker cells.

There seemed to be no hope for a world that could no longer communicate with each other. Anwar could not be found and could not be stopped. The vast data infrastructure that was to be used to keep the population under control had become the means for keeping the governments under the thumb of a tyrant-genius. His final threat was to demand of the global governments 5 Trillion dollars or else he would launch all the nuclear arsenals of the planet into the sun – thereby dissolving the nuclear deterrent and allowing global conventional war to erupt planet-wide.

Then, in 2022, the children of ETHOS 6, headed by Rev. Dr. Michael Bertrand, launched an offensive using next-gen weaponry and training, and captured Anwar; shutting down the largest hacker cell located in North Dakota. The head of the hacker snake was cut off. Anwar was secured at the below-ground detention facility at ETHOS 6, but the hacker cells continued their strangle-hold on data transmission. By this time, courier companies had begun to find their footing in the business and governmental landscape. By 2023, couriers served nearly every aspect of society’ need for data transmission and delivery.

There doesn’t appear to be a solution for the ongoing “Hacker War” except to perhaps “get used to it” and learn to manage. Unless the governments or the courier companies and their virtuoso combatants can unite to take on the hacker-foe, Ibrahim Anwar’s tyrannical beast will be in control of the planet in perpetuity.


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