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The Particle Curtain Tech

Realizing that conventional and even nuclear military deterrents would ineffective against the massive might of a global counterattack against hacker cell activity, Ibrahim Anwar, the genius behind the Hacker War developed the next-gen technology called the “Particle Curtain.” Based on a simple concept that it would be nearly impossible for anything to penetrate a semi-solid wall of matter travelling at nearly the speed of light, Anwar developed a system whereby Alpha and Beta particles are efficiently accelerated and magnetized. Then the particles are shot into the atmosphere. However, because they are magnetized, powerful electro magnets embedded into the emitters themselves, pull the accelerated particles back to the emitters again. There they are then captured, reaccelerated and the process begins again – all at nearly the speed of light.

Complete this cycle billions of times a second and an impenetrable shield of matter is created. If other matter attempts to penetrate the particle curtain, it is shredded into atoms in microseconds. This includes super-dense molecules including uranium, lead and alloys. This also includes pressure waves from sound and explosions. The compressed air-matter is simply reduced to its component parts and vectors of speeding particles and electrons are deflected upward and downward - further diffusing the energy of strong (even nuclear) pressure waves. It was shown that an unarmored individual could stand 6 feet behind a particle curtain and receive no significant radiation or heat from a fission-level explosion directly on the other side of the curtain.

The particle curtain itself emits a pinkish-red glow that can be seen for miles. The emitters themselves also emit a low rumble at roughly 83 dB at 6′.

The convenient benefit of magnetizing the particles and drawing them back into the emitters for recycled use is a massive localized magnetic field is created due to the density of the particle curtain itself. This, added to the speed and density of the curtain, is powerful enough to cancel gamma, neutron, x-ray, RADAR and any EM pulses. This renders the ability of outside observers to spy on hacker cells impossible.

Currently there is no known technology that can defeat the particle curtain except for manually and physically vandalizing the emitters themselves. Unfortunately, the emitters are regularly positioned in a way where the curtain itself blocks emitter supports from being attacked. The only way to attack a particle curtain would be with some kind of energy tractor beam/anti-grav device (which doesn’t exist) or telekinesis.


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